Are Kevin and Jude from Extreme Cougar Wives Still Together?

Image Credit: Facebook/Kevin Alexander Herrera

Reality TV has a knack for serving up intriguing stories of unconventional love, often defying societal norms and expectations. With dating shows like ‘Extreme Cougar Wives,’ these programs have a way of both entertaining and challenging our perceptions of romance. The lives of Kevin and Jude, a couple whose love story unfolded in the unique world of ‘Extreme Cougar Wives’ around a decade ago, were definitely ones that left a mark on the audiences’ hearts. Let’s take a look into the twists and turns of their relationship, from the initial sparks to the disapproving glances, and finally, to the present day, to answer the burning question: Are Kevin and Jude still together?

Kevin and Jude’s Extreme Cougar Wives Journey

A little over a decade ago, Kevin Alexander Herrera and Jude Bradley embarked on a remarkable love story that would capture the imaginations of viewers far and wide. Jude, at the age of 53, found herself drawn into a romantic entanglement with Kevin, a man 32 years her junior. What sets their story apart, however, is the unconventional twist that initially brought them together – Kevin was in a relationship with Jude’s own daughter in middle school when fate intervened.

Their connection emerged against a backdrop of raised eyebrows and disapproving glances as society struggled to make sense of their unique bond. But Kevin and Jude’s relationship was far from ordinary. From the very beginning, their initial interactions crackled with undeniable chemistry, a force that transcended the unconventional circumstances of their meeting. While the world outside cast doubt on the wisdom of their union, Kevin and Jude steadfastly cultivated their connection, confident in its authenticity.

The journey they embarked upon within the confines of ‘Extreme Cougar Wives’ was a rollercoaster of emotions, peppered with both heartwarming and heart-wrenching moments. Kevin’s mother, upon discovering their relationship, expressed her concerns, emphasizing the considerable age gap that separated the couple. Even Kevin’s own brother questioned the sincerity of their love. These external challenges, however, failed to deter Kevin and Jude. Their resolve to be together only grew stronger in the face of adversity.

Are Kevin and Jude Still Together?

Yes, Kevin and Jude are still together and very much in love. Kevin recently posted a heartwarming picture of the couple together, providing undeniable proof that their love has endured the test of time. In the caption, he wrote, “Baseball date with my darling. Sox VS Yanks.” This joyful update offers reassurance to fans of their relationship, showing that their love is alive and well. While their love has remained the same, their lives have definitely evolved over the years. In 2013, Kevin embarked on an exciting musical journey, taking on the roles of lead and rhythm guitar for the legendary Blues icon, Guitar Shorty, alongside the Triple Danger Band.

Their tour spanned both Europe and the US, captivating audiences at festivals with crowd sizes exceeding 10,000. Alongside these monumental performances, Kevin made numerous guest appearances along the East Coast and earned a featured spot at the esteemed Hard Rock Cafe in Costa Rica. Kevin expanded his musical horizons by joining the acclaimed Eagles tribute ensemble, The Long Run, as their lead guitarist in 2014. By January 2017, he had relocated his base of operations from Los Angeles to the Greater Boston area. This shift marked the beginning of a fresh chapter in his career as he poured his creative energy into the formation of Azurite, his own jazz and blues project.

Despite this new endeavor, Kevin remained committed to occasional guest appearances with The Long Run, accommodating their travel requirements, and continued to grace New England with his acoustic performances. As a songwriter and performer, Kevin’s passion radiates through each of his captivating performances. His musical influences draw from a rich tapestry of folk, country, and traditional Latin styles, allowing him to craft a unique blend of rock and blues with deep-rooted elements and occasional Latin nuances, reflecting his Hispanic heritage.

Kevin has also lent his exceptional lead guitar skills to several esteemed California bands, including Incognito Trio, Persuasion, The Dance Band, Cervantes, Young Guns, The Donna Christy Band, and Tumbling Dice. As of now, Kevin is still pursuing his passion for music, whereas Jude has been working as an editor, author, designer, and spiritual consultant and released a book titled “Magic’s In the Bag.” The two have now been together for over 12 years and their story serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries, age included.

Kevin Alexander Herrera and Jude Bradley’s journey challenges society’s preconceived notions about what constitutes a “typical” relationship, emphasizing that genuine connections can form between people, regardless of their backgrounds and age differences. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to Kevin and Jude as they continue to cherish their remarkable bond, inspiring us all to believe in the magic of love, no matter where or when it may find us.

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