Are Krysten and Mitch from Married at First Sight Still Together?

In no way, shape, or form is the idea of arranged weddings new, but Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ takes it to an entirely new level. As the name suggests, this reality series chronicles the adventures of those couples, who are matched by relationship experts, and decide to wed after meeting at the altar for the first time. The newly-wedded couples are then whisked away on an all-inclusive honeymoon to experience married life before deciding whether to stay together or file for divorce.

It’s a complex and dramatic approach, but it aims to resolve the age-old conundrum of whether love is possible when cooperation and communication are practically required. As a result, it cultivates a lot of drama and romance, which makes it quite captivating. Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein from season 15 were a pair who had compatibility issues from the start but eventually attempted to work things out every time something went murky. Their followers now question if they are still together because of the rough road they experienced. Thus, if you’re curious to know the same, here’s what we found out!

Krysten and Mitch’s Married at First Sight Journey

Krysten is a 32-year-old Senior Enterprise Business Development Representative who joined the show to find love and start her own family. The family-oriented Krysten had been engaged for a few years in her previous relationship; however, that didn’t work out, as she felt she needed a genuine person to spend the rest of her life with. On the other hand, the 41-year-old Mitch is an Environmental Policy Advocate who does not come from a fairy-tale household. His fear of commitment is reflected throughout the show, which is understandable given his parent’s split when Mitch was merely 3.

The incident’s profound impact made Mitch scared of love and being in a long-term relationship. Krysten and Mitch got married after being matched by the relationship experts. However, the couple had cracks in their marriage right from the very beginning. Mitch revealed that she was not the one he was looking for and was physically unattracted to Krysten’s appearance. His idea of a perfect wife paralleled with a woman who wore no makeup and was not afraid to be comfortable in her own natural self.

Mitch further revealed that it wasn’t just her appearance; he was not entirely on board with the real estate broker’s idea of flipping houses. The environmentalist was against the idea of someone who works in real estate. He believed that rising prices in San Diego houses and everywhere else are pushing so many people out, and only the rich can afford houses. Although the couple had unforgettable moments during their honeymoon, they had several issues in their marriage.

While attempting to make things right and come out as honest, Mitch took a foot to his mouth by telling Krysten’s sister about how he wanted her to talk to Krysten to reduce the amount of makeup she uses. After learning what Mitch told her sister, Krysten lost it and had an emotional outburst where she said she was finally done with the relationship. However, they continued being more honest with their partners. While Krysten admitted that she was tiptoeing around him and that she wasn’t her authentic self, Mitch, too, was falling in love with his wife.

Mitch told the crew that he knew that his wife was not being authentic and loved her more when she became more honest and open to him. As soon as everything looked brighter for the couple, their relationship was on hot waters again. Mitch seemingly showed signs of commitment issues when he reportedly took off his ring for his work trip weekend. In a conversation with Krysten on the way to a romantic beach trip, she asked him about the whereabouts of his wedding band, to which he pulled out the ring from the glove box and said, “No, it’s right here…. Sorry, I’m married again.”

It was clear at this point that the pair were in different phases in their relationship, and Mitch was not ready to be a married man, at least not in front of his colleagues. However, things looked better for the pair again, and finally, the communication gap had been restored, and the pair showed excellent signs of combability where they were a real team. Krysten remarked that the duo is in a strong position as they approach the finish line.

There was undoubtedly a greater intimacy between the two after spending time together while wearing face masks. After their brief spa visit, Krysten told her friends she felt “at peace” with Mitch. When questioned about his relationship with Krysten, Mitch said to his brother, Matt: “There’s a great sense of partnership.” Mitch reportedly confessed that he was scared of losing Krysten. Yet, surprising almost no one, Krysten and Mitch decided to go their separate ways on Decision Day. But did the two work on their differences and salvage their bond once the cameras stopped rolling?

Are Krysten and Mitch Still Together?

No, Krysten and Mitch stuck to their decision to get a divorce. Though it seemed that, towards the end, the couple had resolved their issues and bridged their initial communication gap, in reality, the pair couldn’t manage to get over the significant hurdles that plagued their connection. Krysten declared she was prepared to give the marriage another go if Mitch wanted to be there for her as a partner. But Mitch made it quite apparent that he wanted a divorce.

Fans agree that Mitch made the right call, as he needs to work on himself before jumping into long-term relationships that require a lifetime commitment. As Mitch rightly puts it, “And I know what you want and what you think you deserve and what I think you deserve. And that’s someone who’s 100% head over heels in love with you and committed to being your husband … I think my level of commitment is less than what you deserve.” We believe both partners deserve to be with somebody they feel is best for them. Clearly, it wasn’t the case for Mitch and Krysten.

Despite choosing to separate, the pair got off on the right foot, and they have no bad blood between them. Mitch surprised Krysten with a heartfelt gift and card that brought her to tears. He thanked her for the whole experience and for making him a better person. Krysten admitted, “I’m really feeling like we’re developing a sort of friendship and navigating this post-divorce life together.”

Currently, Krysten is out in the dating pool and residing in New York, simply living her best life. Celebrating herself and her love for the glam, she recently posted a picture along with a sassy caption that read: “We wear makeup because it makes us feel beautiful and allows us to uniquely express ourselves. Today, I’m wearing a little extra 💋 For me, of course.” On the other hand, Mitch is single and working on reducing his carbon footprint and making the planet a better place to live. We wish them success and happiness in their future endeavors.

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