Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh: Where is the MAFS Couple Now?

Reality stars face intense scrutiny and criticism, especially when matters of love and marriage are involved, as seen in Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight.’ Like other seasons, the 15th installment featured several pairs matched by the experts based on compatibility. Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh joined the experiment, hoping to find a life partner. After tying the knot in the inaugural episode, the cameras followed them as they went on their honeymoon and returned to settle into life as a married couple, to finally decide whether they want to continue with the marriage on Decision Day. While they did have an exciting time, their journey could have been smoother. Morgan and Binh’s actions sparked controversy and uproar, making it a challenging ride. Whether the obstacles they faced were ultimately worth it is a question most of their fans are awaiting to uncover.

Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh Had a Rough Start

Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh faced a setback in their wedding and honeymoon plans on the show when Binh tested positive for COVID-19. Despite this delay, Morgan remained patient and hopeful, eagerly anticipating the moment she would finally meet her future husband. When she walked down the aisle and laid eyes on Binh standing at the end, all the challenges they had faced felt worthwhile, and she believed their love story was about to begin.

Morgan faced another challenge during their honeymoon when she discovered that Binh had been speaking negatively about her to other male contestants behind her back. Learning that he had told Justin she was not a nurse and had lied deeply hurt Morgan. She confronted Binh, expressing her hurt feelings and emphasizing that he should not discuss their private matters or her integrity with other contestants, especially not with Justin, as she felt her privacy was being violated.

Despite Morgan’s warning, Binh continued discussing their relationship with Justin, disregarding her trust and faith in him. Feeling disappointed by the lack of the response she had hoped for from her partner, Morgan decided to end their marriage even before Decision Day arrived for other contestants. While Morgan’s decision was wholly justified, given the circumstances, she faced a barrage of hate and trolling from the audience for her actions.

Binh Trinh is Pursuing a Modeling Career, While Morgan Bell is a Nurse

During the season’s reunion episode, Binh revealed that despite the bitter ending to their relationship, he had been allowed to explain himself and was now on decent terms with Morgan. He acknowledged the need to work on himself and understood the motivations behind his actions, committing to therapy for personal growth. While Binh and Morgan have not been publicly seen or interacted with each other, it appears they are maintaining a distance following their turbulent experience on the show.

Binh has transitioned into a career as a model and actor and is now represented by Muse Management and Naturally Fit Agency. He calls San Diego and Los Angeles home and has collaborated with notable brands such as Adidas and the Yes App. Despite his professional success, Binh openly admits regretting his time on the show, describing it as a negative experience. Since then, he has emphasized his personal growth journey and daily efforts to become a better person. Despite receiving numerous direct messages inquiring about his time on the show, he has clarified that he will not be responding to them.

The reality TV personality utilizes his social media platforms to address the racial discrimination and harassment he has endured over the years, expressing his determination to use his voice to combat such injustices. Binh deeply values close friendships and family bonds, drawing inspiration from his mother and cherishing the time spent with his friends. In addition to prioritizing his mental well-being, Binh is committed to maintaining his physical fitness. He has also made it clear that while he is dating, there is nothing long-term or serious to reveal publicly.

Thus, with a focus on personal growth and advocacy, Binh Trinh anticipates excellent things in the future. On the other hand, all signs indicate that Morgan Bell has chosen to lead a more private life, distancing herself from the public spotlight. Currently, she works as a travel nurse, but beyond that, little else is known about her activities. She may have grown weary of the scrutiny she faced and is now dedicating her time to focusing on herself away from the public eye.

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