Are Lake and Lucy Gay or Bisexual in Love, Victor?

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The third season of Hulu’s teen show ‘Love, Victor’ begins with the aftermath of Harold Brooks and Veronica’s wedding. Lake Meriwether and Lucy’s encounter at the wedding paves the way for Lucy to express her romantic interest in Lake. Even though the latter gets a little shocked to see Lucy’s advances, she realizes that she is attracted to Lucy as well. As the season progresses, Lake and Lucy build an endearing relationship that withstands several obstacles that threaten it. Naturally, the viewers must be intrigued to know more about Lake and Lucy’s sexual orientations. Well, let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Lake Gay or Bisexual?

Lake is still figuring out her sexual orientation. After getting motivated by her best friend Mia Brooks, Lake reveals to her mother Georgina Meriwether that she is in a relationship with Lucy. Georgina asks her whether she is bisexual, only for Lake to reply that she doesn’t know yet, indicating that she is yet to determine the same. Lake has previously expressed her attraction to girls in a subtle way, possibly without being conscious about it. Lucy can be the first girl who has approached Lake romantically for her to figure out her feelings.

Image Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu

However, Lake may figure out that she is bisexual than gay since her and Lucy’s storyline is primarily conceived with Lake as bisexual. In an interview given to EW after the season 2 finale, co-creator Isaac Aptaker revealed that Lake is bisexual. Although the third season follows her in her questioning/figuring out phase, Aptaker’s revelation offers us the foundation of the character.

“You just get that ever-so-subtle flicker of a moment between them [Lake and Lucy], and you see that this is certainly caught Lake off guard but she definitely seems curious and open to exploring that idea and exploring that side of herself, so we’re really excited to get to tell where that goes,” Aptaker told EW. He also added that Bebe Wood, who portrays Lake, was excited about the development as well. “It’s something that Bebe was so game and so excited to explore with her character,” he added.

Even though Bebe Wood has not explicitly discussed her sexual orientation publicly, the actress had revealed that she and Lake are similar concerning a significant aspect of the character. “I think Lake and I share the same outlook, which is: If it’s hot, it’s hot, and if someone is intriguing you, go for it,” Bebe told Vulture.

Is Lucy Gay or Bisexual?

Lucy doesn’t explicitly reveal her sexual orientation in the show. However, there is an indication that Lucy can be a lesbian. During Harold and Veronica’s wedding, Lucy tells Lake that being with Andrew Spencer helped her to know more about herself. She is possibly indicating that her relationship with Andrew led her to realize she is not sexually attracted to men. When Lake explores her sexuality to figure out her sexual orientation, Lucy seems more assured about the same. She not only initiates the relationship but also supports her girlfriend Lake as the latter starts a journey of self-discovery.

Image Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu

Ava Capri, a queer actress, portrays Lucy in ‘Love, Victor.’ In an interview given in June 2022, Capri had expressed how much she loved Lake and Lucy’s togetherness in the third season after offering a brief look at Lucy’s romantic interest in Lake in the season 2 finale.

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