Love, Victor Season 3 Ending: Do Victor and Benji End Up Together?

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The third season of Hulu’s teen showLove, Victor’ follows a new chapter of Victor Salazar’s life as he confronts several tensions in his relationship with Benji Campbell. Even though his mother Isabel Salazar starts to accept him completely, the consequences of her actions continue to affect her son’s relationship. Victor meets Nicholas AKA Nick and begins an intricate relationship with him. While Victor tries his best to navigate his life, his friends confront several challenges in their relationships as well. Since the season ends with significant developments that rewrite Victor’s fate, let us share everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Love, Victor Season 3 Recap

The third season of ‘Love, Victor’ begins with Victor choosing Benji over Rahim. Benji, however, makes it clear to him that they should take a break since he is going to a rehab center. What starts as a break ends in their break up as Benji fails to deal with his relationship and alcoholism together. Isabel and Armando Salazar get back together after separating temporarily. Isabel starts going to an inclusive church for the sake of her son. Mia considers staying with her mother Naomi Thomas but decides against it when she realizes that Naomi prioritizes her career over her just like her father Harold Brooks. She stays with her best friend Lake Meriwether.

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Lake gets into a relationship with Lucy. Felix Westen and Pilar Salazar hide their relationship from Armando and Isabel fearing Armando’s opposition. Victor and Rahim become friends again. Victor starts a casual relationship with Nick but puts an end to the same when he realizes that the latter is not interested in a proper relationship. Armando comes to know about Felix and Pilar’s relationship and becomes furious at his daughter. He eventually understands that Pilar is a grown girl and he cannot restrict her anymore. However, he separates Felix and Pilar when Isabel finds birth control pills in her daughter’s room.

Pilar informs Armando and Isabel that she kept the pills as a precaution. Although her parents allow her to continue her relationship with Felix, she breaks up with him since he agreed to take a break to comply with her parents despite her wish to be with him. Rahim meets Connor and the two of them end up together. Nick approaches Victor as a changed person and informs him that he wants more than a casual relationship. Both of them start to date. Lake comes to know that Lucy is planning to move to Portland after graduating early. Both of them break up and Lake seeks comfort in her ex-boyfriend Felix.

Mia goes to Palo Alto with her boyfriend Andrew Spencer as her father Harold and her stepmother Veronica welcome a baby boy. After spending time with her stepbrother, Mia realizes that she needs to move to California to be with her family. Mia and Andrew agree to continue their relationship irrespective of her move. Lake offers her mother Georgina Meriwether’s apartment to Lucy for her to not move to Portland. Lucy tells her that she doesn’t want to move and they get back together. Benji sees Victor and Nick kissing, which leads him to consider joining a boarding school in Connecticut.

Love, Victor Season 3 Ending: Do Victor and Benji End Up Together?

Even though Victor begins a new relationship with Nick, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that he hasn’t moved on from Benji. Sooner than Victor, Nick realizes the same and steps away from Victor’s life for the latter to reunite with Benji. Victor rushes to his ex-boyfriend and asks him to not go to the boarding school. However, Benji informs Victor that it is late to change his decision. Still, Benji meets Victor during the carnival and lets him know that he doesn’t want their relationship to meet a dead end. Benji wants to give them another chance, indicating that they end up together.

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Isabel’s behavior towards Benji and Rahim’s presence in Victor’s life affect Benji severely. He seeks comfort in alcohol, which destroys him. Benji thinks that his relationship with Victor is leading him to his doom, which influences him to break up with Victor. However, Benji never stops loving his ex-boyfriend. His decision to part ways with Victor is a result of the hardships he faces, especially his return to alcohol consumption. Irrespective of the breakup, Benji continues to love and care for Victor. When Benji sees Victor with Nick, the love in him gets hurt.

Benji decides to leave for the boarding school because he cannot stand to see Victor with another boy. When Victor expresses his wish to be with him again, after parting ways with Nick, Benji realizes that Victor cannot live without him as well. He also reminds himself that Victor cannot be blamed for his drinking problem since it started because his parents didn’t accept him and his sexual orientation. These realizations lead Benji to Victor for the two of them to give their relationship another chance. However, Benji doesn’t know what the future holds for them since he has to continue working on himself.

For Victor and Benji to have a strong relationship, the latter needs to complete his rehabilitation program and get back to his former self. He needs to work on his emotional stability to deal with the challenges that may arise while leading a life with Victor. Still, despite the uncertainties, Victor and Benji do not want a life without each other. They decide to be together even if they cannot be sure about what the future holds for them. Victor and Benji’s relationship may not be perfect but it is essential for them since both of them love each other with all their heart.

Do Felix and Pilar End Up Together?

Yes, Felix and Pilar end up together. When Pilar breaks up with Felix, he gets closer to his ex-girlfriend Lake. Still, he soon realizes that he loves Pilar enough to not reunite with Lake. During the carnival, he apologizes to Pilar for not standing up for her when Armando interfered in their relationship. When the Salazars move to Shady Creek from Texas, Felix feels like he is part of their family. His lonely life with his mother Dawn gets brighter when he finds a mom and dad in Armando and Isabel.

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As someone who has been experiencing the warmth and love of Armando and Isabel, Felix fails to disobey Armando, which leads Pilar to break up with him. On the carnival night, Pilar patiently listens to Felix and realizes that he cannot be blamed for his actions. Although Felix tells her that she deserves a boyfriend who will stand up for her irrespective of what her parents want, Pilar feels his love for her. She drags him to the rest of her family as the Salazars take a family photograph, indicating her willingness to accept him back into her life and family.

Considering that Felix decides against reuniting with Lake, Pilar understands that he loves her enough for her to give him a second chance. Pilar has always perceived how vulnerable Felix is when it comes to family, not only his but also hers. Pilar cannot hold that vulnerability against him to keep him apart from her life when she knows that how much he loves her. Thus, she welcomes him back to her family by reuniting with him.

Will Benji Go to the Boarding School in Connecticut?

Benji decides to leave for a boarding school in Connecticut when he realizes that Victor is in a relationship with someone else. Since they end up together, Benji may change his plans and stay in Shady Creek with his boyfriend. The boarding school was the last option Benji has in front of him when he believes that he has lost Victor completely. As his belief turns out to be wrong, Benji may prioritize being with Victor and continuing his rehabilitation while staying in the town than moving to another state.

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Having said that, Benji’s revelation that he still has to work on himself indicates that the boarding school is not completely off his plans. His father Mr. Campbell’s confrontation with Victor may further distance Benji from his family and he may want to stay away from them. Since Benji also reveals to his parents that he started drinking alcohol due to them, his house may not be an appropriate space for Benji for the time being. If Benji wants to work on himself first to not jeopardize his relationship with Victor again, he may move forward with joining the boarding school.

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