Are Lana and Ron From Love Island UK Still Together?

Image Credit: Lana Jenkins/Instagram

Love Island‘ is an exciting reality show that brings together a group of singles before putting them in a villa where they are cut off from the rest of the world. However, every contestant must remain coupled with another to survive on the show. While anyone without a partner is eliminated after occasional recoupling ceremonies, couples who received the least number of public votes are also asked to go home. Eventually, the last pair standing is declared the winner.

Although ‘Love Island UK’ season 9 contestants Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins fell for each other on the first day, they soon realized the need to explore further connections. However, fate appeared to be in their favor as the two found it challenging to stay separated. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out if Ron and Lana are still together, shall we?

Ron and Lana’s Love Island UK Journey

Both Ron and Lana entered the ‘Love Island’ villa on the first day and were immediately drawn towards each other. While Lana described herself as a lively and free spirit, who loved living life on her terms, Ron appeared quite down-to-earth but was extremely serious regarding his career. Still, they complemented each other perfectly, and once the pair realized they had much in common, it was natural for them to couple up during the first coupling ceremony.

Unfortunately, the initial sparkle soon faded as Ron and Lana began wondering if they had been too hasty in getting together. Hence, with time, Lana began building a relationship with Aaron Waters, while Ron grew close to Ellie Spence. Subsequently, they even coupled up with their newfound connections during the second ceremony, and all seemed well for the time being. Although Lana and Aaron seemed interested in each other initially, she soon coupled up with Casey O’Gorman. Meanwhile, Ron moved on from Ellie and got together with Tanyel Revan. However, neither was completely satisfied and knew they had yet to meet the right person. That was when fate intervened, and both Ron and Lana began gravitating toward each other during the sixth recoupling ceremony.

Once Ron and Lana decided to get back together, there was nothing that could break them apart. In fact, the two became exclusive while on the show, and their relationship survived the Casa Amor event. Hence, fans weren’t surprised when the two entered the season finale as a couple finished in second place.

Are Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall Still Together?

We are happy to report that Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins are still together. While the two were overjoyed to enter the season finale as a couple, they talked excitedly about their future in the exit interview. In fact, from the looks of it, both Ron and Lana were looking forward to starting a new life together, and it was evident they were in it for the long run. However, rumors about their breakup soon began doing the rounds as some claimed they had spotted the two quarreling in public. Later, reports mentioned that the pair got into an altercation while flying back to the United Kingdom, and they even traveled in separate taxis from the airport. Nevertheless, Ron and Lana soon put such rumors to bed and claimed they used two taxis as they were traveling to different destinations.

At present, Lana and Ron are delighted to be together and busy planning the next stage of their lives. They also love making new memories and sharing them with their followers on social media. Moreover, while the couple is busy settling into the new reality, readers will be interested to know that they celebrated their one-month anniversary on March 26, 2023. It honestly is lovely to witness the love the two have for each other, and we wish them the best for the years to come.

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