Matt and Khani: Is the Longest Third Date Couple Still Dating?

For most people, traveling brings a sense of calm and relief that nothing else can. However, for Matthew “Matt” Robertson and Khani Le, a supposedly fun trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rica turned into an experience they could never have imagined. During their time together, the duo had to overcome many hurdles and learned a lot about each other as they tried to keep their spirits up and looked forward to going home. Their movie-like story is well documented in Netflix’s ‘Longest Third Date’ and has made people eager to know if they are still with each other.

Matt and Khani’s Journey Together

It was in February 2020 that Matt and Khani first came to know each other through Hinge. After some chatting, the two decided to meet for a date and enjoyed drinks and Indian food. Yet, Khani was confused about why her partner ended the meet-up with a simple cheek kiss. The conversation about the same led to another date where they threw axes and were joined by Matt’s friend Mike. Having had a great time in each other’s company, the two were eager to do something even more exciting for their third date.

During this time, the world saw a rise in coronavirus cases, and flights were extremely cheap. This gave Matt the idea of traveling to Costa Rica for a few days, and he invited Khani to the trip. Though initially swamped with concerns, she decided to join him and enjoy a vacation starting on March 17, 2020. On the first day of their stay in the Central American country, the two had their fair share of awkward moments since they did not know each other well but now had to share a bed. Nevertheless, with more time together and some alcohol, things started going smoothly.

The real twist for this particular third date came after Matt and Khani’s flight back to the US was canceled due to Coronavirus. They immediately booked another flight but were quickly running out of luck. After 11 days of their unplanned trip, the duo had to leave the resort they were staying at as it was being shut down. This led them to avail of an Airbnb while they tried to keep their spirits up and understand their newly established dynamic.

One of the biggest reasons the world got to know the story of Matt and Khani was the former’s interest in vlogging. He documented almost every significant development of their unexpected adventure and posted about it on the internet under the banner of Movie Matt. However, it wasn’t until he formally introduced Khani to his viewers and explained precisely what was going on that they garnered the attention of most internet dwellers and news outlets.

In an interview, Matt had stated that he and Khani were boyfriend and girlfriend, something that the documentary shows was not true at the time and created a bit of tension between them, with the vlogger acknowledging that the move was “stupid.” Khani was not just concerned about maintaining her job but also about her family’s reaction. In fact, for the initial part of her trip, she had told her father that she was in Costa Rica with her work friends and only explained the situation after the two blew up on the internet.

After 79 days of living in Costa Rica, Matt and Khani could return to the US via government flight. They left the country on June 2, 2020, and landed in Houston, Texas. After this, they finally discussed their future with each other. Matt finally and properly asked Khani to be his girlfriend, and the latter consented.

Matt and Khani Are Happy With Each Other

As of writing, Matt and Khani are indeed still together. The two made their relationship official in June 2020; they started living together about a month after returning to the US, with the latter moving into his apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. Soon after settling in, they drove across the country to meet with each other’s families. Khani met Matt’s family in Maine and enjoyed spending time there. The two also went to Seattle, Washington, to meet her family, with her boyfriend enjoying her father’s company. On top of it, to celebrate their first anniversary in June 2021, the couple got a French Bulldog named Banks.

Given Khani’s evident love for dogs, which we see in the Netflix movie, we are sure that the adorable canine enjoys much love and affection. Despite Matt and Khani’s reluctance to be in a relationship when they got stuck in an unforeseeable situation, the two seemed to have learned from the experience and are pretty happy to be with each other. They now live in a house together in the Lower East Side of New York City, New York, but do not seem to be in a rush to get married. “We’ve enjoyed slowing things down a bit,” Matt told New York Post. “It’s been fun to just hang out and do normal dating things that we missed out on in the early stages.”

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