Are Mike and Stephanie from I Love a Mama’s Boy Still Together?

TLC’s ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ is a reality TV series that ups the drama quotient with four turbulent relationships at the heart of which lie a single cause: boyfriends who revere their overbearing mothers. Season 1 blessed the viewers with a hefty dose of entertainment, which explains the popularity of this show, especially the couple Mike Boornazian and Stephanie Ressler.

On the reality show, viewers mostly witnessed the couple dealing with privacy issues because of Mike’s deeply intrusive mother, Liz. So what about their relationship? Did they familiarize themselves with this level of interruption or succumbed to the existing low points in their relationship? Let’s find out.

Mike and Stephanie: I Love a Mama’s Boy Journey

Mike Boorzanian and Stephanie Ressler met while they were working in media, and ever since, their relationship has been an adventurous ride, as put by Mike. We see him gush about her on the show, saying that she is all that he had ever wanted in a girl, that her presence filled him up with genuine joy even when they were friends. Stephanie shared similar emotions as she called their relationship perfect, except for maybe one small hiccup, his heavily intrusive mother, Liz Micale.

They started living together in Connecticut, which means things are dead serious between them. Although his mother occasionally meddled into their dating life, which scared Stephanie. She was sure that the relationship might not last without his mother’s approval. The situation further aggravated when Liz deliberately made Mike compromise on his budget for Stephanie’s birthday gift. She even tagged along on their lunch meet-ups, much to Stephanie’s dismay. Stephanie then vented out her feelings about Liz’s overstretched mothering techniques that might potentially jeopardize their relationship.

Understanding the ensuing problems between the three of them, she decided to place more effort in bonding with Liz and invited her on a skiing trip. Stephanie consciously wanted to take practically progressive steps in making sure her loyalty to both Mike and Liz is visible. As a result, she decided to involve Liz in activities that she enjoys as a way of letting her see Stephanie’s true personality. She thought the ski trip might be an opportunity to break the walls between the two women.

This sudden decision to include Liz in their exclusive ski outing came off as a shock to Mike, who thought it might be one of the few moments where they are allowed a generous amount of quality time. He also discussed Liz’s paranoia regarding physically challenging activities surrounding her son and that she would freak out even if Mike is constantly wearing a helmet. Stephanie tried to reassure Mike that she would even make an effort to provide skiing instructions to 50-year-old Liz hoping to bond with her in the process so that she felt more at home. So what happened next?

Are Mike and Stephanie Still Together?

Yes, Mike and Stephanie are still going strong. The future of the couple’s relationship was established in the last episode, where the three of them sat for a serious, tear-jerking discussion. The cause of the discussion was a job opportunity for a talk show presented to Stephanie, which necessitated her to move to LA. The mother was confronted with the news that Mike would have to follow her in support of her new job.

It also seemed like a situational ultimatum for their relationship that Mike, in turn, was confronted with. Although reluctant at first, he agreed to move to California and continue investing in favor of a brighter future for the two of them. Liz was momentarily in tears at the realization that her son would be further away, at which they both convinced her about the surety and trust that binds them together as a couple. Stephanie assured Liz that the three of them will always be a team.

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