Are Nelson and Olivia from The Challenge Still Together?

‘The Challenge’, a spin-off of MTV’s ‘The Real World’ and ‘Road Rules,’ brings together a group of contestants from several MTV franchises. The candidates compete against one another in a series of severe tasks, where each level is more difficult than the previous one. While failing a challenge results in elimination, those who succeed in the final challenge receive a significant sum of money that they often split.

With the show paving the way for several fairytale romances throughout the seasons, fans have been quite interested in the bond that ‘The Challenge’ contestants Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser share. Initially, the two had to travel a rocky road, but they managed to sail through due to their commitment. Naturally, fans want to know the current status of Nelson and Olivia’s relationship. Let’s find out, shall we?

Nelson and Olivia’s The Challenge Journey

Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser met on season 38, titled ‘Ride or Dies’, and they instantly hit it off. The mastermind of Olivia’s plan to send herself into hot waters with her rookie partner Horacio, and Nelson’s final win in his first daily challenge after 54 failed attempts, piqued their fans’ interest. The pair played amazingly on the show, bringing out their individual talents. It was not surprising that Nelson would fall for the incredibly smart Olivia after her bold mastermind move that made rookie history.

However, fans were shocked at Nelson’s move to send his new girlfriend, Olivia, for elimination. He chose to save his friend Faisal who had betrayed him in the show over his love interest. This move was definitely not planned by Olivia who was equally shocked as the fans. You know it’s a wrong move when your on-screen partner and ex think you should’ve chosen your girlfriend and not your backstabbing friend. Cracks in the relationship had already begun, and this move was definitely not the finest. So, are the pair still together? Did they manage to set their differences aside? Let’s find out.

Are Nelson and Olivia Still Together?

Unfortunately, Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser called their relationship off shortly after filming ended. Though the feelings were real, they were on different stages when it came to love. On ‘The Challenge Mania’ podcast, Olivia opened up about their break up and what was the main issue. She said that the couple called it quits as Nelson was more involved in the relationship, while she wasn’t ready to commit to a serious relationship and did not want o lead him on. As per Olivia, while she loved him, she wasn’t ready to give up her life of fun, so they weren’t on the same page.

Though Olivia repeatedly mentioned that the Faisal incident didn’t bother her and had nothing to do with the split, and she wanted him to do what was best for him, we cannot help but sympathize with Olivia. Sometimes one should listen to their heart and not side with a betraying friend. As of now, the pair are not together and are focusing on their individual lives. While Nelson is focusing on his brand, Levelup clothing and his personal training career, Olivia is hooked on her successful cosmetology company, Livbeautifullyaz, based in Scottsdale. We wish them the best in their respective lives and hope they have a great future ahead.

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