Are Phenomena’s Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario Based on Real Paranormal Investigators?

Netflix’s ‘Phenomena’ follows the story of three women who, as a part of the paranormal investigation group, the Hepta group, are called to assist Father Pilon in discovering the root of the haunting at an antique shop. Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario bring different talents to the table and complement each other’s abilities to determine the identity of the sinister presence causing trouble at the shop. The film’s description claims that it is based on a true story. We know that the Hepta Group is real. If you want to learn more about the women who inspired the characters of the three protagonists in ‘Phenomena,’ here’s what you should know.

Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario Are Real Paranormal Investigators

Yes, Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario are based on three women who were a part of the Hepta Group. It was started by Father Pilon in 1987. He wanted to study paranormal activities but with a broader perspective. He brought together people from psychology, mathematics, journalism, and nuclear physics. The priest handpicked Sol Blanco-Soler, Piedad Cavero, and Paloma Navarrete to join his team. The film’s protagonists are inspired by the three real-life women serving as advisers.

Talking about Father Pilon and his role in bringing together a team that would work on some of the most famous hauntings in Spain, Blanco-Soler said: “Each one of us came from a different profession, but at a given moment Father Pilón had the art of bringing us all together because each one of us contributed different things to the team. He brought us all together to contribute what we could in the investigation of a phenomenon.”

Cavero was a businesswoman brought on the team to keep records of everything. Previously, she’d been interested in ufology. She recorded everything from the conversations with people who were the victims of a haunting to visiting the site and taking in everything before and after the team experienced the haunting themselves. Navarrete and another team member were the clairvoyants who sought out the spirits and tried to communicate with them to find out what kept them in the land of the living. Blanco-Soler was the journalist and the chronicler of the group.

The women, Father Pilon, and other team members worked on several hauntings, but they never charged anything for their services. “We are going to help people. We never go anywhere that we haven’t been called. Whether the problem is here or elsewhere, you are going to reassure people. And we don’t charge anything because Father Pilón already said that when you do good, you can’t get paid, and that’s how it has stayed”, Cavero said.

Where is the Hepta Group Now?

The Hepta Group is still active more than three decades after its inception. Through the film, Blanco-Soler said, “We wanted you to get to know us, to see that we are very normal people, that each of us has had professions that have nothing to do with this.” Paloma Navarrete, who was also a pharmacist and a psychologist, passed away in 2022. She’d worked in parapsychology till the very end, writing books, giving lectures and interviews, and attending conferences discussing various topics related to the afterlife. Navarrete inspired the role of Gloria in ‘Phenomena.’

Cavero is still a part of the group. She is a businesswoman and an audiovisual media expert. She is the inspiration for the role of Paz Carnero. Blanco-Soler inspired the role of Sagrario. She talked about some of the cases handled by the Hepta group in her book ‘Haunted Houses, Treasures and Lost Children.’ She has also authored ‘Is Anyone There?’, ‘Chronicles From Beyond’ and co-authored ‘The Ten Key Words in Parapsychology.’ Blanco-Soler is a member of the Spanish Society of Parapsychology and appears in podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows to talk about paranormal stuff. Cavero has also appeared in several programs and conferences to speak about her experiences and work in the Hepta group.

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