Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron: Are the YouTube Stars Still Together?

Image Credit: Piper Rockelle/Instagram

Endowing countless possibilities to push the boundaries of content and use their creativity on all fronts, the internet has enabled creators to put their best foot forth. Consider the journey of Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Khmelev, who found each other through their careers in the public eye. As young stars with consistent growth and incandescent career in YouTube, acting, singing, and dancing, Piper and Lev have continued to flourish in their respective fields. While the two have showered each other with affection consistently, fans still wonder if the two are still together, and we are here to explore the same!

Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Khmelev’s Journey

With an internet presence that can be traced to her childhood, Piper Rockelle has been enjoying the limelight from a young age. The young celebrity has evolved exponentially from appearing on Instagram as a 4-year-old to creating her own YouTube channel. Rockelle first appeared on YouTube in 2016 as a 10-year-old making fluffy slime from scratch. While her accounts were handled by her family, it was Rockelle’s ability to embody her content that made simplistic things such as crafts and toys fun to watch.

Khmelev had been active as a dancer, actor, and social media celebrity when he crossed paths with Piper Rockelle in 2019. After debuting in the short film, ‘And the Tiara Goes To’ in 2015, Khmelev also focused on creating a niche on YouTube. While Rockelle was excelling as a pop musician and YouTuber on the one hand, Khmelev was also working in movies, Youtube and even starred on ABC’s spinoff ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

Rockelle and Khmelev became close after they became members of The Squad YouTube channel. While the two had grown closer while working together in pranks and other YouTube videos, it wasn’t until 2020 that they officially started dating. In February 2020, Khmelev asked Rockelle to be his Valentine. Finally, in May 2020, Khmelev released a video, ‘Asking My Crush to Be My Girlfriend On Camera’, which made things final.

And so, the friendship that evolved from featuring in challenges and collaborative YouTube videos allowed them to connect deeply. However, the YouTube stars took to the internet and posted a video titled, ‘Did We Break Up?’ in 2022. Even though Rockelle and Khmelev didn’t break up in 2022 and managed to work out their issues, another video was put up not too late. While their relationship had managed to overcome the timely impediments, Lev Cameron Khmelev put up another video titled, ‘We Broke Up..’ Naturally, fans are left wondering whether or not the two actually did break up and, if so, why?

Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Khmelev Are Still in a Relationship

Yes, Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Khmelev are still together. Rockelle and Khmelev have often discussed minor issues in their relationships. The two have been involved in small arguments. However, they have also showcased that their relationship continues to stand strong despite minor disagreements. As young stars growing up in the limelight, both Khmelev and Rockelle have had to navigate a number of travesties set their way.

With Khmelev based in Hawaii and Rockelle spending time with her family in Atlanta, the couple faced more than one issue. In addition to the physical distance that separated them, Cameron and Rockelle also had to divide their time professionally, making things even more complicated. After taking time for each other personally and assessing each other’s importance in their life, Lev Cameron Khmelev and Piper Rockelle finally reunited.

This was precisely why Lev Cameron Khmelev and Piper Rockelle had decided to take a break in January 2023 and post the YouTube video titled, ‘We Broke Up.’ While the two had openly taken some time to reassess their relationship and come to terms with the burden of their work and personal commitments, they also stayed true to one another and did not converse or get involved with anyone else. The couple has now been together for over 3 years and continues to share glimpses of appreciation for each other on social media.

As such, the couple has managed to overcome the jarring emotional turmoil that tried to pull them apart. In their ability to understand each other and respect each other’s boundaries and wishes, Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Khmelev have left many surprised. Naturally, we continue to wish Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron Khmelev the best professionally and personally for years to come.

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