Where is Dancing with the Stars Filmed?

Dancing with the Stars‘ is a famous American dance competition on ABC. The long-running series has become an integral part of the fabric of American entertainment, but is inspired by the British version – ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ The show’s format is straightforward enough. A celebrity is paired with a professional dancer as each couple performs dance steps that are based on their rehearsals. The aim is to win over the judges and audiences. Once the votes come in from both quarters, the team with the lowest score is eliminated each week, until the final winning pair remains.

Due to the high level of audience interaction, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ often welcomes live viewers. Moreover, the show has its unique draw – considering the presence of celebrities and some unforgettable dance moves. Naturally, you might be curious about where ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has been filmed, and we have got you covered.

Dancing with the Stars Filming Locations:

‘Dancing with the Stars’ has been filmed at Studio 46, CBS Television City located at 7800 Beverly Boulevard, Fairfax in Los Angeles. You can see a post about the stars arriving at the Los Angeles studios for their rehearsals.

While ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has maintained the same location for Season 29, it has been uniquely handled due to the current coronavirus pandemic. For example, camera crews are absent from the rehearsal studios. Instead, the professional dancers and celebrities film themselves, with pre-fitted cameras. Similarly, live audiences are not in attendance during the show. Stars aren’t in the usual Sky Box but take the place in the audience stands instead – with adequate social distancing. Nonetheless, the studio has been designed in a way that nothing feels different to the viewers. To that end, screens have been installed to capture the essence ‘Dancing with the Stars’ delivers.

Due to safety issues, celebrities who are participating have to live in Los Angeles too. It includes the likes of Carole Baskin, who’s based out of Tampa, Florida. Thus, the filming hasn’t changed location over the seasons. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a show that is determined to go on, and has accordingly made modifications and alterations to permit shooting even during the pandemic. While the Los Angeles studio might not be the same without the audiences, and will all the additional security measures, the crew involved has tried hard to ensure that the show’s spirit remains the same. We leave you with a picture of AJ McLean at the rehearsal studios, following the necessary steps to ensure safety.

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