Is Carole Baskin Married? Does She Have Kids?

Carole Baskin was a prominent name in the animals’ sanctuary circle, being the co-founder of “Big Cat Rescue”. But she drew attention to her personal life and its mess after Netflix chronicled her rivalry with Joe Exotic in its famous docuseries “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness”. He is an Oklahoma-based private zoo operator who got arrested by the time the show premiered on March 20, 2020. Baskin had campaigned against him for years over the ill-treatment of his zoo animals but their business feud soon turned into a personal one when she accused him of sending a hitman to get her killed. While she continues to bask in her newfound fame, Carole has been cast on the famous American dance reality series “Dancing with the Stars”.

Carole Baskin’s Family

The “Tiger King” star was born on June 6, 1961, and expressed an earnest interest in saving cats at the tender age of nine. She was born to conservative parents who were opposed to the idea of her living with her boyfriend without wedlock. Not much is know about her early life but only the fact that she dropped out of high school and absconded with her then-lover. She faced an extremely difficult time, having to sleep in her Datsun truck with her pet cat. Her family life seemed to normalize after she got married but only temporarily. 

Carole Baskin’s Husbands

For a teenage girl who is sleeping under parked cars, moving into her boss’ house can be pretty relieving. That is how Carole Basking met her first husband at the age of 17 after she left home and started working at a departmental store to make both ends meet. She walked down the aisle for Michael Murdock on  April 7, 1979. She only married him to get her parents off her back for being in a live-in setup. Despite a loveless relationship, they had a child within the first year. In 1981, she fled away from his house barefoot, and ran into her second husband, Don Lewis, on Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. They carried on their affair for almost a decade before getting married in 1991.

Carole divorced her first husband on the account of alleged physical assault. She claimed that Lewis had many girlfriends and condemned him to be a sex-maniac who frequently flew to Costa Rica to satiate his urge during the short period of her menstruation. In July 1997, Lewis appealed for a restraining order after Carole allegedly gave him death threats but his file was rejected. The two resumed living together but Lewis allegedly began transferring his Floridian properties to Costa Rica. He even expressed his wish to divorce Carole multiple times but she never took it seriously.  

Lewis left his home in the early hours of August 18, 1997, to make a delivery around 6:00 a.m. He was never seen again by another soul. Carole pointed out that his mental health was deteriorating for months and had also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder before his disappearance. Lewis was declared legally dead in 2002 and this mystery has not been solved to date. The bizarre case has been covered by Netflix in its docuseries “The Tiger King” in which a conspiracy theory has also come to light. Many people believe that Carole is behind Lewis’ sudden disappearance or demise as she is the only one who directly benefited from it. She emerged as the primary inheritor of most of his properties, one of the many reasons why a dispute ensued between her and Lewis’ children from his first marriage. 

Carole met her third and current husband, Howard Baskin, in 2002 at an inaugural party for her newly formed organization “No More Homeless Pets”. Carole made him the chairman of the advisory board of the company “Big Cat Rescue” that she and her late ex-husband had co-founded in 1992. After courting her for almost a year after their engagement in 2003, Howard married her in November 2004.

Carole Baskin’s Kids 

The big-cat activist and sanctuary owner Baskin has only one child from her first marriage with Michael Murdock. They had a beautiful daughter, Jamie Veronica Murdock, on July 16, 1980, who grew up to be an animal conservative like her mother. She is also an American wildlife and nature photographer. Carole does not have any other kids and does not seem to be very close to her only daughter. 

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