Carole and Howard Baskin’s Wedding Photos

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King‘ docuseries proves that big cat owners live a different kind of lifestyle. Be it Doc Antle’s alleged relationships with multiple women, Joe Exotic’s polygamous relationships with men, or Jeff and Lauren’s open marriage; they seem to exist just beyond the societal norms. Carole Baskin is no different. Her second husband disappeared, and the case has been reopened. Many viewers suspect she killed and fed her husband to her big cats. In the docuseries, we see that Carole is now married to Howard. However, their wedding photos seem a little different from what regular wedding shoots look like.

Notably, this is a point that ‘The Tiger King and I,’ the eighth add-on episode to the docuseries, addresses. Curious to know more about the images? We have got you covered here.

Carole and Howard’s Relationship:

As per Big Cat Rescue, Carole met Howard on November 1, 2002, at an event in Tampa Bay called No More Homeless Pets. Their love for animals brought them together. Howard won Carole’s admiration because he’d visited her sanctuary and knew about Big Cat Rescue. In 2003, he joined Carole’s organization as the chairman of the advisory board. Howard used his knowledge as a CFO to help the nonprofit. He also gives tours at Carole’s park.

Howard ended up proposing to Carole, the same year, at Florida’s Anna Maria Island. As per Big Cat Rescue, the proposal overwhelmed Carole so much that she just wrote ‘Yes’ in the sand. A year later, the two got married on the same beach where they’d been engaged.

Carole and Howard Wedding Photos:

At the private ceremony, the two were wed by Phil Balducci, Howard’s friend who’d arranged for their stay at the location, back in 2003. Jamie Veronica took pictures, while Daniel Capiro filmed the occasion. He also serenaded the happy couple with his guitar. You can check out an image of the couple being serenaded, below.

Understandably, the first thing you notice is how Howard is dressed like a caveman. Big Cat Rescue addresses this, saying that the wedding was not usual because the couple at the center is atypical. The photographs are themed. One of the images we see is Howard on a leash. This refers to the caveman taking the bride before the ceremony, while the bride puts him on a leash immediately after it. You can check out the image below.

Apart from that, the couple’s other pictures prove their sense of humor and the depth of commitment. You can check out another humorous image here.

Picture Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

Their wedding vows have also been uniquely caring. While Carole promises not to drive Howard nuts, the latter makes a vow to be careful that his cat does not pee on Carole’s clothes. However unique their ceremony and photographs might have been, there is no denying the tenderness underscoring the entire event. You can check out an image below that captures this emotion perfectly.

Picture Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

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