Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe: Is the Couples Retreat Duo Still in Love?

Image Credit: Shamari DeVoe/Instagram

Fans were ecstatic when they learned that Ronnie DeVoe would appear alongside his wife, Shamari, on season 3 of MTV’s ‘Couple’s Retreat.’ While the former, a famous rapper, is known best for being a part of the R&B group New Edition, he and two of his band members formed Bell Biv DeVoe when the previous group broke up in 1990. However, New Edition got back together since then and earned massive popularity in their recent Legacy tour.

On the other hand, Shamari is also pretty famous in the music industry as she was a part of the R&B girls’ group Blaque. Moreover, she earned a lot of popularity as a TV personality, known best for her appearance on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 11. Although Ronnie and Shamari have been married for over fifteen years, fans are eager to find out if they are still together.

Shamari and Ronnie’s Couple’s Retreat Journey

Shamari and Ronnie met for the first time at the Janet Jackson Icon Awards afterparty in 2001, and the rapper later mentioned that it was almost love at first sight for him. Although he tried to initiate a conversation during the party, Shamari did not seem interested initially. However, the two met officially after the party and soon realized they had much in common. Hence, it did not take long for the pair to get comfortable with each other, and they began dating shortly after.

Shamari and Ronnie had a wonderful time with each other in the initial years of their relationship, and the latter eventually popped the all-important question. Shamari was only too delighted to consent, and the pair tied the knot in 2006. Following the wedding, the couple settled down and looked forward to building a life together.

Unfortunately, Shamari and Ronnie’s connection deteriorated in 2011, as they found it challenging to stay with each other. Sources claim that the R&B singer then suggested exploring an open marriage to save their relationship. This arrangement allowed the pair to date other people, and while Shamari explored relationships with two other girls, she stated that her husband chose to sleep with several others. Although her claim was never substantiated, reports mention that she ended their open relationship a year and a half later before convincing Ronnie to become exclusive again.

Since then, Ronnie and Shamari have grown closer than ever, and they even welcomed their twin boys, Ronald III and Roman Elijah, into this world in 2017. Interestingly, Shamari later mentioned that the birth of their children was one of the best moments in their relationship, as it brought them together as parents. On top of it, the pair even started their music venture, Me & Mari, and released their first single in 2018.

When Shamari was invited to appear on MTV’s ‘Couple Retreat,’ she realized she and her husband could help other couples by joining the show. Yet, once on the show, the pair witnessed their old fears resurfacing and even got into several altercations in front of the camera. Regardless, the series eventually helped them bury their issues, and the two were determined to make things right once filming wrapped.

Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe Are Still Happily Together

We are happy to report that Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe are together and still going strong. While the birth of their twin sons strengthened their connection, MTV’s ‘Couples Retreat’ helped them realize the underlying issues in their relationship, which the two have since been able to fix. At present, Ronnie and Shamari remain each other’s most significant supporters, with the latter even attending every New Edition concert.

Shamari spoke about her closeness with Ronnie in an adorable Instagram post, where she wrote, “Well… no surprise here but #NewEdition been killing it on their Legacy Tour! I ain’t ashamed to say that I’m a fan in the audience (doing the choreography, singing all the lyrics), but the plot twist is I get to take him home when he gets off stage!” On the other hand, Ronnie often uploads pictures of memories they have made as a family and is an extremely devoted father. It is incredibly heartwarming to witness the couple live their best lives, and we wish the DeVoes the best for the future!

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