Are Ryan and Stephanie From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

‘90 Day Fiancé’ is a unique dating reality series that has been running successfully on the screens since 2014 and still manages to bring forth fresh storylines each year. TLC makes sure to keep the show’s basic premise the same: two cross-border lovers trying their best to make their relationship work and handle the pressure of a K-1 visa which necessitates them to get married within 90 days. The proud “cougar,” Stephanie, and the story of her exotic Belize man, Ryan, greatly intrigued the viewers’ interest and fans have been eager to know their current relationship status. Do not worry because we come bearing answers!

Ryan and Stephanie: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Stephanie and Ryan crossed paths at a beach party in the exotic Caribbean country, Belize, where the former had gone to let herself off the hook from her demanding work life. The owner of two spa businesses fell hard for him after feeling a weird but special connection instantly. Luckily, he reciprocated her feelings and the duo started dating right away.

Nonetheless, their magical chemistry and heavy romance soon began to lose their charm as real-life problems knocked on their door. Unknowingly, the filthy rich entrepreneur soon turned into her beau’s “sugar momma” after frequently showering presents upon him and his friends. Additionally, the obvious age difference and its impact on Stephanie, who wished to settle down sooner than later, made matters worse.

Stephanie and Ryan made up their minds to call it quits several times during the course of their tumultuous relationship. The most explosive one happened when she found him texting other women and refused to tolerate his cheating ways. During the low phase, she messaged his cousin, Harris, and ended up sleeping with him. But ever since the misdeed, she felt burdened and wished to confess it to Ryan. Shockingly, even after venting her heart out, the businesswoman did not feel any better as he coldly responded that he had already known her truth and had even forgiven her. While this sounds extremely mature on his part, did it eventually end well for the two?

Are Ryan and Stephanie Still Together?

We hardly think it is plausible that Ryan and Stephanie’s followers even wished for the couple to work out their many differences. But for those who did, they have officially parted ways for good (and how!) She kept boiling about the fact that he tricked her into thinking that he had used protection when that was actually not the truth. After her Belize man brought up his insecurity about his then-fiancé’s past intimacy with his cousin, she lost her cool. Instead of assuring him of her loyalty, Stephanie began to scream and after frustratingly slapping her phone, said out loud that she wanted to break-up with him.

After all the havoc, the night did not end for Stephanie as the 52-year-old then called Harris intending to meet her “good solid friend” soon. It is being believed that she hooked up with him following her break-up with Ryan before moving on to someone named Quincy Carver. But what can be expected of a relationship in which the lady has to give her boyfriend the very ring she wants to be proposed with in order to arrange to relocate him to Michigan based on a K-1 visa? Not too much, we know!

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