Are Tarik and Hazel From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

‘90 Day Fiancé’ has kept its audiences hooked to the drama, happy endings, and more often than not, heartbreaks since its debut season that premiered on January 12, 2014. Due to the show’s riveting concept, the spin-off series has garnered as much popularity and fan following as its parent series. Loving someone who lives across the border might sound plain romantic but entails several real-life complications.

The couples who feature on the reality TV series are seen resolving the issues that arise owing to the geographical barriers and cultural differences. One of the fan-favorite couples from the franchise, Tarik and Hazel, has had a bumpy ride, to say the least. Our deep interest in their story led us to scour the internet to determine whether the two are still together or have parted ways.

Tarik and Hazel: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Forever fans of TLC’s hit series remember Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan from the second season of ‘90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.’ Although their relationship had a rather rough start, they have successfully made it on the latest edition of the show with the help of pure love and faith in each other. Hailing from Virginia Beach, Tarik has a daughter with high-functioning autism. The responsible parent came across Hazel, a mother of a now-8-year-old son, Harry, on a dating website.

Their concurring intention to form a meaningful equation bonded them deeply, and the two kick-started a virtual relationship. Eventually, Tarik fell so hard and fast for the gorgeous woman that he traveled all the way to the Philippines to see her. Not only did Tarik put in his best efforts to adapt to her Philippine culture, but he also ended up proposing to her on the beach in the most romantic fashion. But before reaching this moment of bliss, Tarik and Hazel faced various obstacles like trust issues and lack of chemistry.

The issues came to the forefront when Hazel believed that she was pregnant with his child, but it turned out to be a false alarm as Hazel was “just late” on her period. The 46-year-old was quick to blame her for intentionally terminating the pregnancy but apologized for his reckless behavior shortly after. The couple’s appearance on another spin-off series, ’90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk’ assured some of the viewers of their “committed” relationship status. But there have been others speculating their split post the show’s filming. So the looming question remains: Are the two still together?

Are Tarik and Hazel Still Together?

It is safe to say that “Tarzel” are happily together and going strong. Tarik and Hazel have been dodging the challenges that life keeps throwing at them, be it about her wishing to bring her son to America or her coming out and confessing that she is, in fact, a bisexual. The statement “I am excited about having a girlfriend” is most likely to change their dynamic from a couple to a throuple.

Image Credit: Tarik Myers/Instagram

As always, Tarik could not be happier for his lady love, who is “booming” with self-growth as she is journeying to explore herself. She admits that the 180-degree change in her coy personality would have been impossible without her beau’s constant love and support. Undoubtedly, the couple has had their own set of problems, but instead of cracking their bond, they have only brought them closer.

Tarik’s social media accounts bear testimony to this fact as they abound with pictures of his fiancé, each accompanied by appreciative captions that express how deeply he feels for her. While Hazel does not use her Instagram account as actively as Tarik, she too has adorable snapshots of them together, further defeating any tittle-tattle about their split.

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