Are Shaq and Tanya From Love Island UK Still Together?

Image Credit: Tanya Manhenga/Instagram

Love Island‘ is an exciting dating reality show that brings together a group of singles before cutting them off from the rest of the world. However, each contestant must remain coupled up at all times to survive on the show. While anyone without a partner at the end of a recoupling ceremony is sent home, the show also uses public voting as a way of eliminating couples. Eventually, the last pair standing is crowned the winner.

Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga had a fairytale love story on ‘Love Island UK’ season 9 as they fell in love at first sight. However, with trouble brewing during the Casa Amor event, fans are eager to know how they have fared in the real world. Well, let’s take a look at Shaq and Tanya’s journey and find out if they are still together, shall we?

Shaq and Tanya’s Love Island UK Journey

While on the show, Shaq portrayed himself as a “catch” and insisted he was a great boyfriend. He even described himself as kind and thoughtful and claimed that he would give it his all to make a relationship work. On the other hand, Tanya stated she would bring good vibes and good energy to the villa. However, even though she claimed to be friendly, Tanya insisted that she would fight for her man if push came to shove. Interestingly, Shaq and Tanya began gravitating toward each other from the very beginning, and they coupled up on the first day. Moreover, they remained committed to each other throughout several recoupling ceremonies, and fans believed the two were in it for the long run.

However, trouble surfaced during the Casa Amor event as Tanya realized she could explore other connections apart from Shaq. Around that time, she got pretty comfortable with newcomer Martin Akinola, and the two realized they had much in common. Thus, they coupled up during the seventh recoupling ceremony, leaving Shaq almost no time to find a new partner. However, since Shaq valued loyalty, he trusted the process and was sure that Tanya would return at some point. Meanwhile, even though Tanya and Martin’s relationship seemed perfect initially, it did not take long for cracks to emerge, and the former realized that Shaq was the only man she wanted to build a future with. That was when she went back to Shaq, and the latter welcomed Tanya with open arms. In fact, while Tanya acknowledged her mistake after entering the season finale as a couple, Shaq decided to make their relationship official and proposed to her on the spot. However, they eventually exited the show in fourth place.

Are Shaq and Tanya Still Together?

Since Shaq asked Tanya to be his girlfriend on national television, fans believed in the couple’s commitment to each other. Moreover, Tanya was only too happy to accept her boyfriend’s proposal, and the two appeared pretty excited about building a life together. On top of it, Shaq also revealed how Tanya shared a wonderful relationship with his family, especially his sister, which further strengthened their relationship.

At present, Shaq resides in London, where he earns a living as an Airport Security Officer. On the other hand, Tanya is pursuing a course in biomedical engineering while working as a social media influencer on the side. Regardless, fans shipping the couple can rest easy as we are happy to report they are together and still going strong. While Shaq believes their relationship to be a “once in a blue moon” kind of love, Tanya described her significant other as her best friend and claimed she could not wait to fall deeper in love with him. Besides, the pair is also open to portraying their love on social media and often shares the memories they make together. It is genuinely heartwarming to witness them planning a life together, and we hope happiness never eludes them in the years to come.

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