Are Shital and Niraj From Indian Matchmaking Still Together?

As a reality series that shines a light upon the age-old yet complicated process of desi arranged marriages, Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ truly mirrors the community from every possible angle. After all, it follows matchmaker Sima Taparia as she tries her best to find suitable partners for singles across India as well as America, including for strong New Yorker Shital Patel in season 2. So now, if you wish to learn more about not just her experiences but also her current standing with the loving partner she’d managed to land on her own, Niraj Mehta, we’ve got the details for you.

Shital and Niraj’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

Although Shital grew up in the township of Edison, New Jersey, she credits her vibrant South-Asian heritage for shaping her into the confident, headstrong, and ambitious woman she is today. She thus knows what she wants and won’t (understandably) ever settle for less, especially since she herself brings a lot to the table in terms of her professional success, fitness, and self-care. That’s why her lengthy criteria list for a match included aspects like family-oriented, funny, intelligent, into fitness, adventurous, travel enthusiast, a full head of hair, and a tattoo, amongst more.

Shital was told to expect 60-70% of her standards, but she made it clear it was too less — “that’s not compromise; to me… that’s settling,” she said, “I think it needs to be closer to 80% or 90%.” However, unfortunately, she didn’t even come close to these numbers with either Viral Kothari or Aparna’s cousin Avinash Shingwani (both New York-based) because there was no physical attraction. The latter’s undeniable kindness did make her briefly think she’d self-sabotaged the entire situation by parting ways with him too soon, yet it genuinely worked out well for her relatively quickly.

That’s because Miami-based radiation oncologist and choreographer Niraj Mehta soon came into Shital’s life through her sister, following which they just fully fell hard and fast for one another. She actually admitted he has the biggest heart, is passionate, is kind, and compliments her in every way imaginable, all the while being open as well as honest, making her believe he’s “the one.” The fact they’re open about personal intimacy is also something she appreciates, and these are just a few of the several reasons she said she would relocate to Florida for him — he’s her home.

Are Shital and Niraj Still Together?

“I feel at home with my parents and my sisters, but I’ve never had that feeling of home with a significant other,” Shital told Niraj in the series. “And then when I met you, I feel at home, and I feel safe. Like, home is with you.” The doctor who merges medicine with body movement for better healthcare reciprocated the sentiment before stating he’s “definitely in love” in a confessional, and of course, the corporate employee feels the same. She explained, “I love him. I love him with my whole heart. I love him. I feel so incredibly lucky that I found him because it’s just the love that, like, I will never find this kind of love ever again. I’m just really happy.”

Therefore, we’re glad to report Shital and Niraj are still together! The proof — they not only follow one another on their social media platforms but also don’t shy away from sharing cozy pictures on their public Instagram stories, as seen above. We should mention that the latter is still based in Florida, whereas the Bravo’s ‘In a Man’s World’ star continues to reside in New York, where she serves in the strategic sales sector of an energy company, runs her own line of organic snack bars, and is even expanding her wings as a public figure.

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