Are Steven Ogg’s Simon and Željko Ivanek’s Croat in The Walking Dead?

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The fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ offers a glimpse into Negan’s past as a flashback scene depicts an interaction between him and the Croat. Simon, the second-in-command of the Saviors, informed Negan about the atrocities the Croat had been committing, especially by torturing a girl he abducted while their group dealt with a conflict between the Kingdom. The Croat’s actions made Negan realize that his ally was a barbarian. Since the Saviors and their saga are an integral part of ‘The Walking Dead,’ the viewers must be wondering whether Steven Ogg’s Simon and Željko Ivanek’s Croat are in the original series. Well, let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Steven Ogg Portrays Villain Simon in The Walking Dead

Steven Ogg’s Simon is in ‘The Walking Dead.’ The character is introduced in the sixth season finale as a significant member of the Saviors. Simon initially serves as the Savior’s leader Negan’s right-hand man and the second-in-command of the group. He is one of the few individuals among the known survivors who is considered too violent and psychotic by the ruthless Negan. Simon plays an integral part in the Saviors’ capture of the group led by Rick Grimes by predicting which roads they would choose to travel. He then supervises the construction of barricades to stop the group and ambush them.

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Simon has always been bloodthirsty, unlike his leader Negan. While the latter chooses to kill a few to terrorize many, Simon chooses to kill many without any consideration. He massacres all the adolescent members of the Scavengers and all the male survivors above the age of 10 who resides in Oceanside, especially when the latter community sets out to initiate a rebellion against the Saviors. Simon eventually becomes an unignorable presence in Hilltop and Alexandria as he arrives in these colonies to terrorize the residents of the same. While Negan wants the Saviors to ultimately unite other communities for their common good, Simon wants every community that stands against the Saviors to get eliminated.

The difference of opinion between Negan and Simon ends up threatening the latter’s life. Simon, upon getting tired of Negan’s strategies that aren’t violent enough for him, tries to overthrow his leader by arranging a coup. Negan punishes Simon for threatening his authority and ideology by killing him. Ogg’s final appearance in the series is in the fifteenth episode of the eighth season. Since the Croat is a former member of the Saviors in ‘Dead City,’ does he appear in the original series as Ogg’s Simon? Let’s find out.

Željko Ivanek’s Croat is Not in The Walking Dead

Željko Ivanek’s Croat is not in ‘The Walking Dead.’ The character is originally conceived by Eli Jorné, the creator of ‘Dead City,’ and his team of writers. Although the Croat was a member of the Saviors, he ran away from the community before the same confronts Rick Grimes’ group in ‘The Walking Dead.’ The Croat joined the Saviors soon after the zombie apocalypse. Negan initially thought that the Croatian was an impressive individual who mirrored several characteristics of himself, which earned the latter a spot in the former’s community.

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Negan then realizes that Croat’s viciousness cannot even be matched with his ruthlessness. As the leader of the Saviors, he got to witness the Croat’s true nature after a confrontation with the members of the Kingdom near the Sanctuary. After the same, the Croat abducted a girl under the suspicion of her being a scout. Although Negan and even Simon didn’t approve of the same, the Croat went ahead and tortured her to learn what she knew and what she had been learning. The Croat’s actions made Negan realize that the former shouldn’t continue to live. The leader of the Saviors decided to kill the barbarian himself but the only shot he had only killed one of the Croat’s ears rather than the Croatian.

The Croat then ran away from Negan and the Saviors. Negan’s arrival into the life of Maggie happens after the Croat escapes from his leader.

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