The Walking Dead Dead City: Will Maggie Get Hershel Back? Theories

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

A spin-off of ‘The Walking Dead,’ AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ follows Maggie Greene, who loses her son Hershel to the Croat, the vicious head of the Burazis, a hostile community that is based in Manhattan. To get her son back, Maggie seeks the help of her nemesis Negan, who killed her husband Glenn. To make peace with the guilt of hurting Maggie immensely, Negan sets out to help the former. Together, they end up in Manhattan seeking Hershel. Since the Croat is a highly dangerous individual, Maggie is worried about the chances of getting her son back. Well, will she? Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Maggie Get Hershel Back?

Maggie loses Hershel to the Croat when the latter arrived at Hilltop with his men to steal grain from the place. He kidnaps Hershel and asked Maggie for more grain, supposedly indicating that his goal is more supply of grains. However, when the Croat talks to Hershel, he inquires to the latter about Negan rather than his mother or Hilltop’s sources to procure more grain. The Croat’s obsession with Negan gives a hint that he kidnapped Hershel for laying his hands on Negan rather than securing Hilltop’s resources. The leader of the Burazis is aware of Negan’s intricate companionship with Maggie and how he owes her a favor.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

The Croat must have whistled Negan’s tune while meeting Maggie to make her seek him. The chances of Maggie getting Hershel back from the Croat are higher due to this possible reason: the latter wants Negan rather than Hershel, Maggie, or their resources for that matter. In the second episode of the series, Negan reveals to Maggie that the Croat was his underling during the early periods of the zombie apocalypse. When Negan’s forces first attacked the Kingdom, the Croat was a part of the former group. However, not even the mighty ruthless Negan couldn’t stand the barbarity of the Croat back in the day.

Negan tried to put an end to the Croatian’s bestiality by firing a gun at him but the only shot he had only killed the latter’s one ear rather than the latter himself. Therefore, the Croat’s inquiry about Negan isn’t just small talk. The Croat may consider allowing Hershel to return to Maggie if the latter presents Negan in front of him. Since the Croat is well aware of Maggie and Negan’s history, the former may already know that Hilltop’s leader isn’t someone he should be taking for granted. He may not hurt Hershel and invite Maggie’s wrath when there’s nothing for him to gain from harming the child.

The chances of Maggie getting back together with Hershel are expected to go down if she tries to protect Negan. When Negan tells her about his history with the Croat, she asks him why he hadn’t revealed the same to her before they set out to find him. Maggie must be feeling that she dragged Negan to an absolute hell with the devil waiting for his life and blood. Although Maggie has enough reasons to see Negan suffer and die, she has accepted that he deserves a second chance at life, which is why she refrained from killing him. After such a realization and acceptance, Maggie may not want to be the reason behind Negan’s death.

If Maggie intentionally tries to protect Negan, it may provoke the Croat, who may try to hurt Hershel to hurt the former. Considering the Croat’s viciousness, it will not be a surprise if he kills Hershel in the name of Negan to weaken her. Losing her son in the name of the murderer of her husband Glenn may make Maggie vulnerable, which may help the Croat hurt Negan. Having said that, Maggie and Negan are strong enough in every way possible to conquer the Croat and walk away with Hershel.

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