Where is Negan’s Wife Annie? Is Medina Senghore in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

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The eleventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic seriesThe Walking Dead’ sees the introduction of Annie, a member of a survivor community named Riverbend. Annie is introduced as the second wife of Negan and they reveal to Maggie and her allies that they are expecting a child together. When Maggie fights the forces of the Commonwealth regime, Negan and Annie look after Hershel as well. ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ follows the lives of Maggie and Negan after the conclusion of the original series. In the premiere episode, Maggie asks Negan about his wife and child, only for the former’s nemesis to ignore the same. So, where exactly are they? Let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Are Negan’s Wife Annie and Their Kid?

In the premiere episode of ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ Maggie finds Negan and seeks his help to retrieve her son Hershel from the hands of The Croat, a former ally of the former leader of The Saviors. After making him listen to her, Maggie asks Negan about his wife Annie and their son, only for him to dismiss the same question with a momentarily gloomy face, which indicates that misfortune seemingly has befallen the woman and the kid. “He’s not with his family, so some s— has happened,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, told EW. Considering Morgan’s words, it is evident that Annie and her child aren’t in a good place.

Image Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

In the worst-case scenario, Annie and her kid must have died. After leaving the Commonwealth, Negan returns back to the world of crime, which explains why he has become a wanted man. He must have created enough enemies, likely seeking revenge for the former’s actions. These enemies must have killed Annie and her kid to hurt Negan immensely. Losing his child may have motivated Negan to unofficially adopt Ginny, the little girl who is present with him when Maggie meets him. Furthermore, Negan sets out to help Maggie as a man who has nothing to lose. If Annie and their kid have been alive, Negan may have thought twice about potentially fighting against The Croat.

If Annie isn’t dead, she must be captive along with her kid, which explains why they cannot accompany Negan. So, does that mean we will not be seeing Medina Senghore in the spin-off series anymore? Let’s find out.

Is Medina Senghore in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

As of yet, neither AMC nor Medina Senghore has released an announcement concerning the actress’ involvement in ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City.’ Senghore isn’t one of the performers who joined the show’s cast until now as well. Considering Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s words concerning Negan’s family, it is evident that the character has moved on from what happened to Annie, leaving not enough scope for Senghore’s character to appear in the series. Therefore, we may not need to expect Senghore to join the main cast of the series to play Annie.

Image Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Having said that, Senghore may appear in the show in a guest capacity, likely in flashback sequences that revolve around what really happened to her. Although Negan dismisses Maggie’s question regarding Annie and their kid, he may eventually get forced to reveal what happened to the love of his life and their child. If that’s the case, Negan’s recollection of the same may include moments and experiences he shared with Annie, paving the way for Senghore to feature in the series. As the series progresses, we can expect Negan to reveal more about Annie to Maggie.

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