Are The Megan is Missing Photos Real?

‘Megan is Missing’ is the kind of horror movie that not only incorporates jump scares and terrifying imagery, but it also stays with you once it ends. With many scary flicks, you can convince yourself that the story isn’t real. Even though the same is the case with the aforementioned production, it is harder to ignore the larger message about child safety that it houses. After all, meticulous thought has been put into the narrative to present Megan’s and Amy’s predicaments as authentically as possible.

For a film that wishes to educate its audience about online predators, ‘Megan is Missing’ certainly accomplishes its goal. In fact, one of the most shocking scenes by far is when Megan’s disturbing sexual photos are released by the FBI. Are these photos real or staged for the sake of the script? Here’s what we have uncovered. (Before launching the discussion, we just want to warn you that they are quite graphic in nature).

What is Photo 1?

In the very first photo that flashes across the screen, Megan has a metal contraption shoved up her nose and mouth. Her eye makeup is smeared everywhere, and blood is also evident. This photo is a close up of her face, but there is another picture in which we see that her whole body is confined in a wooden setup. It definitely seems to be the case that she is being tortured. Lastly, it is imperative to note that these photos appear on a fetish site and are quite reminiscent of revenge bondage porn.

Are the Megan is Missing Photos Real?

No, the photos in ‘Megan is Missing’ are not real. Although the overall plot is inspired by real-life child abduction cases, the specific narratives that pertain to Megan and Amy are not based on any individual instance. Hence, while the movie will have you believe that it is relaying a true story, we are here to remind you that, thankfully, the plot and the photos are still rooted in fiction.

In the movie, there are two photos in question, and Megan is the subject of both of them. In fact, these pictures have been released by the FBI for the first time, which means that they have never been seen before by the general public. In the first one, there is a metal contraption inserted into Megan’s nose and mouth that would most likely enable Josh to have greater control over the teenager. He could also inflict pain as per his wish. The second photo shows the whole set up.

Evidently, Megan’s kidnapper has no regard for her safety as blood can be seen everywhere. Moreover, the look of fear in her eyes is indescribable. These photos do add a gory element to the movie, but this is not their only contribution. If you observe the second photo thoroughly, you begin to understand that the culprit is a psychopath who does not care for the victim.

Megan is a teenager who is being subjected to bondage and sadism after being kidnapped. There’s blood everywhere, and she is almost naked. Megan has no mobility, and Josh only cares about being able to inflict pain upon her. The nose contraption is especially indicative of this. After all, her hands are tied, and her neck is also confined, so technically, there is no need to insert the metal apparatus up her nose. If it were simply about restraining her, then Josh is covered. But he chooses to go the extra mile because nothing less would be acceptable to a psychopath; her pain equals his pleasure.

According to the New York Times, a record 45 million photos and videos of child abuse were discovered online by tech companies in the year 2018, meaning that the issue is quite prevalent in our society today. (For context, in 1998, there were over 3,000 pictures of the same). So while Megan’s photos were created for the movie, they only scratch the surface of the gruesome visual evidence of child abuse that is now rampant on the internet. While we do have some laws to combat the issue, much work still needs to be done.

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