Are The Rehearsal’s Kor and Tricia Real People or Actors?

Created by ‘Nathan For You’ fame Nathan Fielder, HBO’s comedy series ‘The Rehearsal’ revolves around Fielder, who helps a set of people to rehearse a respective life-altering event or confrontation several times for them to explore the various ways to approach the same and the eventual outcomes. In the first episode, Fielder helped Kor, a trivia game specialist, to rehearse his confession to his friend Tricia that he hadn’t done his Master’s degree as he told her. Since the episode depicts Fielder’s efforts to help Kor by studying him and his friend, the viewers must be eager to know whether they are real people or just actors. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Kor and Tricia Real People or Actors?

Kor and Tricia are real people and not actors. Both of them are seemingly real friends. Tricia’s blog “Cheap Chick in the City,” which Fielder read to learn more about her is real as well. Since the show appears to be real and not scripted, it is safe to believe that real people are necessary for Fielder’s “social experiments” since actors wouldn’t produce any results. Let’s consider Kor and Tricia’s example. It is clear that Fielder intended to create a predesigned period in reality that favors Kor for him to reveal the truth about him not having a Master’s degree to Tricia.

Fielder pretended to be a blogger and found out the answers to the trivia questions of the competition Kor and Tricia had planned to take part in the night Kor wanted to confess. By feeding Kor the questions and answers without letting him know about the same, Fielder succeeded in making him capable of winning the trivia competition, which gave him enough confidence to confess to lying to his friend. Since Tricia got captivated by Kor’s winning, she found it easy to admire his talent irrespective of the truth about his degree. Fielder’s experimentation produced the desired result, which would be possible only if the two of them are real and unaware of Fielder’s methods.

Considering the real bar Kor and Tricia met, Tricia’s real blog, and other intricate details, it is clear that the duo aren’t just actors. The foundation of Fielder’s experiments can be seen as his desire to find out whether reality can be a scripted event if certain actions are done right or it can be altered to produce the desired result. Thus, real people instead of actors had to participate in his experiments, which further explains how Kor and Tricia are real people.

In light of Fielder’s statement that he has been told that his “personality makes people uncomfortable,” we can interpret his involvement with the people as his way of discovering whether he can be beneficial to them. After helping Kor, Fielder wanted to reveal to him that he planted the answers to the trivia questions in him for him to be confident enough to confess to Tricia. The creator rehearsed the same to find out the aftermath of the particular revelation, indicating that his association with Kor can be his way of finding out his efficiency in helping and interacting with people. If that’s the case, Kor and Tricia are real people since actors wouldn’t be of any help to Fielder.

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