Are Vincent and Briana From Married at First Sight Still Together?

Far from the crowd of normal dating reality shows, ‘Married At First Sight’ tries to think out of the box by presenting marriage in a dynamic way. Individuals who have never met before are matched together by relationship experts and married at their first sighting. What attracts the viewer most to the show is how relationships develop throughout the couples’ first night, honeymoon, and everyday married life.

It is interesting to see how each unique and wonderful couple deals with obstacles within and outside of their relationship to come to the final decision – whether to stay married or divorce their significant other. Briana and Vincent are one such fantastic couple who came together in season 12 of the show. The pair showed an instant connection to each other, which left fans eager to know whether they are still going strong today. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Vincent and Briana: Married At First Sight Journey

Vincent Morales and Briana Morris seemed to share deep chemistry from the very first day they met. Fan favorites of season 12, the auto broker and engineer couple seemed like a picture-perfect match. Briana, then-28, who said she was done with dating and was looking for her soulmate, found an instant connection in then-27-year-old Vincent, who was ready to marry in a past relationship but couldn’t due to his partner. When getting married, Vincent felt that his wife was perfect, while Briana said her husband checked a lot off from her list of what she wants from her man.

After their first night, Vincent even exclaimed that it was amazing waking up next to Briana. Shortly after arriving in Vegas on their honeymoon, the couple’s bond deepened as Briana consoled Vincent when his grandmother suffered a heart attack. The couple were also extremely comfortable with each other and consummated their marriage early into the honeymoon. They later exclaimed that their experience in bed felt natural as their emotional connection was already built up. Still, marriage without knowing anything about your partner is challenging, and there were some troubles in the pair’s paradise.

Briana said she knew that she was bossy, but it seemed like Vincent was able to deal with that. Vincent, though, felt that her bossy or domineering nature might pose problems for their married life in the future. Vincent mentioned that he was patient, and he expected Briana to be so in return. He also said that he would like Briana to give him space when he needed it. The couple, though, seemed to iron out their differences pretty quickly, even sorting out the difference between Vincent loving his meat and Briana being a pescatarian in good humor.

The bumps in their road to a happy married life were scattered and few. In one incident, Briana was annoyed with Vincent as he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Vincent explained that he had a lot on his mind and made it clear that it is just who he is, and he won’t be changing for anyone. In another instance, Vincent walked out on his wife after a fight but immediately realized that such behavior was unacceptable and unreasonable.

Vincent said that he felt responsible for his wife, and walking out will never be an option. It was impressive to see the couple deal so maturely with such common marital problems and “still learning each other,” as confessed by Briana. So did the two manage to flatten the minor bumps on the road or ultimately decide to call it quits?

Are Vincent and Briana Still Together?

Vincent and Briana’s fans can still hold onto hope as reports suggest that the couple chose to stay together on decision day. Although there is no evidence to substantiate the claim, a fan alleged that they saw the couple crossing the street together in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta. Well, the claim isn’t all that surprising, considering Briana and Vincent’s instant chemistry as seen on the show. Their maturity to iron out the kinks in their relationship and ever-growing bond are excellent indicators of their willingness to build a long-lasting marriage.

As far as a confirmation from the couple is concerned, it seems as if Briana and Vincent want to keep their personal life a mystery as Vincent’s social media is set to private, while Briana doesn’t seem to have any public social media accounts. However, during their journey on the show, the pair seemed to be in it for the long haul as their small efforts at helping each other set into their respective cultures, like Vincent teaching Brianna Spanish, were sweet and highly romantic. Therefore, fans can rest easy as the beautiful couple appears to have chosen to stay happy alongside each other instead of going their separate ways.

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