Whitney and Naomie: Is the Southern Charm Duo Still Together?

The reality TV seriesSouthern Charm,’ developed by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith, is based on the lives of a group of elites belonging to Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to learning about the city’s heritage, southern culture, and local politics, viewers get an insight into the professional and private affairs of the cast members. This includes the reality stars’ daily activities and drama, particularly in their love lives, making the show quite a hit among the fans.

Viewers are particularly interested in the relationships that brew on the show. Season 8 saw the romantic revelations between Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith, and fans are excited to see them together. However, love and romance can be quite complicated in this small Southern town, and thus, it is natural for you to wonder if the two are still together. In that case, here’s everything we found out!

Whitney and Naomie’s Southern Charm Journey

While Whitney was originally an original cast member, he now appears as a friend of the cast since season 4. On the other hand, Naomie joined the show in season 3 as Craig Conover’s girlfriend and has made a mark for herself since then. She remains a constant in the show, presenting all her ups and downs, especially related to her relationships, until season 7.

Naomie had wrapped up her life in town to start a new one in New York City, believing that her long-time boyfriend, Metul Shah, was the one she would be with forever. Sadly, she soon learned that he had cheated on her, and she returned to Charleston to join the cast members for season 8.

The news about Whitney and Naomie was first revealed by the latter in the episode, “Auldbrass Glitters Is Not Gold.” After the wedding party of his mother, Patricia Altschul’s dog Peaches, and Lil Craig, a hungover Naomie opened up to Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll that she and Whitney had made out. Her friends took the news shockingly yet lightly and asked her if it went any further.

Naomie replied that Whitney did spend the night with her and that some “spooning” was also involved. She stated, “He was like, ‘We need to breed.’ He’s like, ‘Mom would love it.’” The news later spread to other cast members, and Naomie’s ex-boyfriend, Craig, did not seem very happy about it. Albeit, in a later interview, he clarified that his reaction was somewhat misleading to the viewers.

Craig said that he was “disappointed” that Whitney violated the “bro-code” by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, but he added that he was reacting to “how absurd the situation seemed.” He continued by saying that, irrespective of his views on any codes, he has no right to have an opinion on what Naomie does because he is with someone else and has chosen to stop pursuing her.

In another episode, Whitney and Naomie shared some fun banter, after which he told Austen what they did together the night before. He then divulged that the two drove around the property at night and drank wine together, followed by a serious conversation about Craig’s reaction to their news. Whitney further called Naomie a loyal, good friend and a “naked shoulder to cry on,” which astounded her instantly.

Are Whitney and Naomie Still Together?

While it is unclear where the relationship between Whitney and Naomie is headed, the two seem content with their current situation. In her appearance in an August 2022 episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ the latter accepted that she was dating someone, without naming anyone, and said, “I am dating. And I’m very happy.” She has always been fond of Whitney and is close to his mother, Patricia. Moreover, later in their get-together, the alleged pair tried to compliment each other, nurturing their bonds.

On top of that, Naomie and Whitney’s mothers seemed very supportive of their new beginning and encouraged them to proceed with their relationship; they seemingly believed that both reality TV stars were good for each other. Fans also shared this sentiment and have constantly been showing support for the supposed couple on social media.

From the looks of it, things seem to be going great for Naomie and Whitney. Although they have kept their details quite discreet, their revelations present the idea that they are together and going well in a positive direction. Hence, we only wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a great future ahead.

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