Ari Nagel: The Spermworld Donor is a Lecturer Today

‘Spermworld’ is a Hulu movie that focuses on various individuals who are involved in the world of sperm donation, which runs via the internet. Though unconventional, the process is one that is used by many due to various reasons. This includes Ari Nagel, a man who is well-known for his sperm donations and has been an active donor for many, many years. His involvement in the lives of his biological kids, as well as his attitude towards the process, have made the man a subject of public interest.

Ari Nagel Has Been a Sperm Donor For a Long Time

Having grown up in an Orthodox Jewish family, Ari spent his younger years in Monsey, New York. He has four older siblings and two younger ones, and his initial years were spent at traditional Jewish schools. He went on to study at St. John’s University in New York. During this time, he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that led him to be compensated monetarily. This was followed by him traveling around the world, which led him to become detached from his deep connection with his faith. He also became a student at the London School of Economics.

Ari’s association with the concept of sperm donation began when his first son was still a toddler, and he found a lesbian couple looking for someone who was willing to donate. This started a trend in his life where he tried to donate sperm according to what his schedule allowed. The frequent nature of his donation meant that Ari would soon become a biological father to many. By 2016, when the New York Post wrote an article about him, he had 22 biological children and was given the name “Sperminator.”

Due to his increasing popularity and efforts, as well as the pandemic freeing up a significant amount of his schedule, Ari’s number of donations has reached a staggering number. In fact, during his time in the Hulu documentary, he confessed that he had fathered 123 children. Unlike many cases of sperm donations, Ari is known for remaining in contact with many of his biological children. Due to the unregulated nature of his donations, he has also been sued successfully by five different women to whom he donated sperm and fathered nine children.

In 2018, Ari was banned from donating sperm in the country of Israel. This was apparently because he had expressed an intent to be present in their lives. Given that he had signed six of these documents, the government allegedly felt that he was not completely sincere and/or practical with his intent and, hence, should not be involved in the process. The Hulu documentary focuses on Ari’s dilemma about his presence in the lives of his various biological kids.

While Ari himself expressed that he wants to be a part of his children’s lives, given his minimal presence in many of their lives, he isn’t sure how much a parental figure he can be. He does seem to have a good relationship with many of the women he has donated his sperm to. In fact, several of them have accepted his donation for more than one child. His dilemma is in a huge contrast to his own conflicting feelings regarding his mother. Given his mother’s deteriorating health, he was seen debating whether or not he should reconcile with her.

Where is Ari Nagel Now?

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Ari Nagel serves as a Lecturer at Kingsborough Community College. He teaches his students mathematics and computer science and is proud of all that he has accomplished today. He also reconnected with his mother, though the two did seem to disagree over Ari’s life choices, especially in regard to him not being married. She also did not seem to agree with his assessment that he called himself a father to his many biological children, claiming that being a father means being actively involved in the life of a child.

That said, Ari does seem to have a good connection with many of his biological children. His social media is a testament to his efforts to be involved in their lives, which has certainly been appreciated by many. Over the years, Ari has earned many names for his work. Some have even referred to him as “Target Donor” because he reportedly made donations in Target department stores in the past.

Over the years, there have been a few times when Ari has claimed that he might soon be giving up on sperm donation. He has stated that the reason behind the same is because of the degrading quality of sperm with age. However, people close to him have expressed concern about whether or not he is capable of giving up this lifestyle. Now in his late forties, Ari continues to be an active sperm donor.

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