Tyree Kelly and Atasha Clay-Peña: Spermworld Couple is in a Relationship Today

Directed by Lance Oppenheim, Hulu’s ‘Spermworld’ explores the lives of various individuals associated with the online network that has been developed for sperm donation. The reasons behind people’s reasons to be a part of this differs from person to person, allowing the viewers to understand a variety of reasons why this type of arrangement is thriving in the modern world. This includes Tyree Kelly and Atasha Clay-Peña (AKA Atasha Peña Clay), the former being a donor while the latter is his fiancee. The couple’s journey was certainly a unique and heart-touching one, allowing the viewers to form a connection with them.

Tyree Kelly and Atasha Clay-Peña’s Journey to Parenthood Was Not Easy

When it comes to the art of serving as a sperm donor, Tyree Kelly stated that he saw that as a way to help people. He shared that he also donates blood and plasma. He had previously served some time in prison and had decided to help those in need by donating sperm. However, he did not agree with how sperm banks work and had hence chosen to do so via the help of the internet. His fiancee, Atasha Clay-Peña, was also seen in the Hulu movie, being fully aware of Tyree’s work and even attending his meetings with potential receivers.

During the documentary, Atasha confessed that while she does not have a problem with Tyree donating his sperm. However, she did open up about how she wanted to be a parent herself, and hence, the process sometimes seemed to weigh on her. The couple themselves had been trying to find a baby for about two years, and hence were delighted when they finally did become pregnant. Unfortunately, the two lost the pregnant, and Atasha was devastated about the same. She also confessed that she felt that while she knew that Tyree was also hurt, she did not think that both of them were really in the same position.

Atasha explained Tyree is a father of four children from other relationships while she was striving hard to become a mother for the first time. She then stated that maybe it might be time for her to accept that she might not have a biological child of her own. Not much later, it was revealed one of Tyree’s kids, through his donations, had been put into the system after the kid was taken from the mother. Hence, Tyree had been approached with the possibility of taking in the child himself.

The child in question was a beautiful little girl named Italeigh Miller, who was living with foster parents at the time. It was proven in the court that Tyree was her biological father, and an order of paternity was signed, given his parental rights. The development did seem tough for the two, but Tyree was not willing to let Italeigh remain in the system, given his own past experience with it. However, he did seem unsure about the fact that his past records might hamper the process. Tyree soon went to visit Italeigh, accompanied by Atasha and his daughter Jocelyn. There was indeed some friction caused as Jocelyn started to feel down about the split attention, but Tyree and Atash tried to approach the situation in the best way possible.

Where Are Tyree Kelly and Atasha Clay-Peña Now?

As of writing, Tyree Kelly and Atasha Clay-Peña seem to be doing well in their lives. The two are still in a relationship and seem to enjoy the life they have built with each other. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Tyree has been quite happy to promote the Hulu film through his social media, He has expressed his happiness that the the movie has gained so much attention and praise from the viewers. This joy seems to be shared by Atasha, whose presence in it was quite significant.

More than anything, Tyree seems to take delight in his role as a father. His three daughters, including Jocelyn and Ava Kelly, have been featured prominently on his social media for a long time. The love he has for them is shared by Atash, who is also quite open about her affection for them. Even the Hulu movie showcased how she had a very good bond with her step-daughter Jocelyn. However, neither Tyree nor Atasha has yet publically shared whether or not they did being Italiegh Miller home, though they seemed hopeful about the same in the documentary.

Both Tyree and Atasha seem to lean on each other for support and have often been open about how much they appreciate the company of their respective partners.  In fact, when Tyree turned 33 in November 2023, Atash was quite happy to celebrate the occasion, both in real life and on social media. Meanwhile, Tyree talked about the success of the Hulu film as a joint team with Atasha, claiming, “We’re in disbelief that we succeeded. Anticipation builds as we look forward to the unveiling.”

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