Ariana Taylor McClure: Where is the Cheerleading Aspirant Now?

Making it into the sphere of cheerleading is highly competitive and challenging, both physically and mentally. This is the side of the sport that Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ aims to highlight by showcasing veteran and rookie candidates. Among these aspiring cheerleaders is Ariana Taylor McClure, affectionately known as Ari, who tried her luck at joining the team. Ari stood out for her impressive dancing and athletic skills. Determined to make it to the final squad of 36, she poured all her efforts into succeeding. Watching her putting her best foot forward and bringing her A-game to the floor each day was endearing.

Ari Moved From California to Dallas to Join DCC

Ari shared that she decided to try her luck at competing for the DCC in April 2022 and wanted to give it her all. She always had a passion for dancing and had been pursuing it for some time, but she knew that the DCC was highly competitive and would require tremendous effort. Her solo performance impressed all the judges, earning her a spot as one of the final 45 dancers selected to enter the training camp. During this time, she made friends with other rookie contestants, and together, they practiced dance moves and supported each other, becoming each other’s strengths throughout the challenging process.

When it was time for Kelli to make cuts to reach the final number of 36, the decision about Ari was tough. Despite finishing her steps perfectly, her shorter height made her run-up to the field appear mismatched with the others. This was a tough call for the judges, but they told Ari that 36 others were performing better than her. Ari was very disappointed and insisted that she would work on herself, but the decision was final. She left the training camp in tears just four days before the final match and did not make any promises about returning.

Ari is Training as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Today

Ari has shifted her focus away from the DCC, but her passion for dancing remains undiminished. After leaving Dallas, Texas, in January 2024, she carried a heart full of cherished memories and close friendships she made during her time there. The disappointment of not making the final cut did not dampen her spirit or her resolve to pursue her dreams. In June of the same year, a thrilling new chapter began for Ari as she was selected for the training camp of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. The excitement of this opportunity has been a beacon of hope and motivation for her.

Since then, Ari has been deeply engaged with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleader group, bringing her undeniable talent and infectious enthusiasm to her new team. She had been working in medical device sales for Profound Medical to support herself in Dallas, but whether she has continued with that job still needs to be confirmed. In March 2024, she made a significant life change, leaving her hometown of San Diego, California, and settling in Miami, Florida. She is currently also working as an Accounts executive for Hoop 5 Networks.  Her experience as a former NBA dancer for the Laker Girls has undoubtedly smoothed her transition into this new chapter, leveraging her expertise and connections.

Ari’s glamorous lifestyle has also played to her advantage. The University of Utah graduate has amassed about 30k followers on Instagram, showcasing her dazzling journey and engaging content. This substantial following has opened doors for her to collaborate with several brands, including the famous clothing brands Hello Molly and Baby Boo Fashion. These collaborations amplify her presence in the fashion world and bring financial prosperity, allowing her to thrive both personally and professionally.

Ari Likes to Travel in Style

One thing that becomes abundantly clear about Ari is her love for travel and adventure. In February 2024, she partied hard in Las Vegas with her friends, reveling in the city’s vibrant nightlife and enjoying every exhilarating moment. In the same month, she attended a Chris Stapleton concert, where she turned heads with her stylish ensemble. Dressed in a cowboy hat, boots, and a black leather jacket, she exuded a cool, laid-back swagger that perfectly matched the concert’s vibe.

The next month brought another exciting adventure as Ari headed to Cabo San Lucas for her best friend’s bachelorette party. The trip was a sun-soaked extravaganza filled with luxurious beach days, lively poolside parties, and elegant dinners by the ocean. Ari and her friends basked in the stunning views of the Baja Peninsula, enjoyed refreshing cocktails, and celebrated the bride-to-be with laughter and joy.

Ari’s Family Always Has Her Back

If there’s one person Ari is incredibly close to, it’s her sister, Lexi McClure. The bond between the sisters is unbreakable and evident in every aspect of their lives. Whether celebrating Christmas in matching pajamas or attending family events together, Ari and Lexi always do it in style. The McClure siblings are a tight-knit trio, with their brother, Kellen McClure, adding to the family dynamic. The siblings cherish their time together, seizing every opportunity to bond and create lasting memories. From spontaneous weekend getaways to quiet family dinners, the McClure siblings know how to make the most of their time together, always supporting one another through life’s ups and downs.

Ari’s parents, Dawn and Gene McClure, are her biggest supporters. Their unwavering support has been a cornerstone of the success of the 24-year-old. They celebrate each of her achievements with immense pride, whether it’s her dance milestones, her career ventures, or her latest social media collaborations. Dawn and Gene’s presence on the sidelines, cheering Ari on, speaks volumes about the loving and supportive environment they have cultivated for their children.

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