Armando and Kenny From 90 Day Fiance: All We Know About the Couple

While Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio were first introduced in season 2 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,’ they immediately became popular as the first same-sex couple on the show. Besides, fans loved how understanding they were of each other and were even impressed with their determination to make the relationship work. On top of it, Kenny and Armando have even inspired several future couples to pursue a cross-border relationship without worry. Well, with the couple featured again on season 5 of the show, fans are intrigued to know more, and here’s everything we know about Kenny and Armando.

Kenny Was Born in Ohio, While Armando is a Native of Mexico

While Kenny Niedermeier was born and brought up in Ohio, he moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida, after coming out publicly as gay since the city has a history of welcoming the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, Saint Petersburg also gave Kenny several opportunities to explore his sexuality while he furthered his career in the property management field at the same time. On the other hand, readers will be surprised to know that Kenny had been married previously, although the relationship was not romantic.

In fact, the 60-year-old wanted to become a father through in-vitro fertilization, a process only available to married couples at that time. Hence, one of his closest friends chose to marry him, and the decision paid off as Kenny, who already had a son, Bryson, became a father to his triplet daughters, Taylor, Cassidy, and Madison. On the other hand, Armando is a native of San Felipe, Mexico, who was previously married. However, even though Armando was married to a woman and the couple shared a daughter, Hannah, things turned sour once Armando came out as gay to his ex-wife.

The revelation naturally led to numerous altercations, and after one of these quarrels, Armando drove away from his house while his ex-wife followed suit. However, she eventually crashed into his car in an effort to stop the Mexican native, and the accident claimed Hannah’s mother’s life. This incident devastated Armando, and he vowed to stay away from romance for quite some time. However, he carried on earning a living as an architect while running a pet shop simultaneously.

Kenny and Armando Met Online

Kenny was browsing through a social media group for single gay fathers when he came across a picture of Armando and Hannah. Hence, without wasting time, the Saint Petersburg resident commented on the photo, and the two struck a wonderful friendship. Subsequently, while discussing the role of a single parent and swapping stories about their children, the two fell in love and soon embarked on an incredible relationship. Moreover, even though they initially maintained a long-distance relationship, Kenny soon flew to Mexico to be reunited with his beloved.

Interestingly, their time in Mexico brought the couple even closer, and before long, Kenny decided to pop the all-important question, to which Armando was only too happy to say yes. Surprisingly, two of Kenny’s daughters even flew in to celebrate the occasion, which was documented on season 2 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.’ Since then, their relationship got stronger with each passing day, and once Kenny and Armando tied the knot, they decided to settle in La Mision, Mexico, along with Hannah.

Kenny and Armando Are Looking Forward to a Happy Future

Kenny and Armando have been a perfect example of how to maintain a cross-border relationship without everyday drama or altercations. While the love they share is quite refreshing, fans have been amazed by how understanding Armando and Kenny can be of each other. On top of it, they are also ready to compromise wherever needed and are wonderful parents to Armando’s daughter, Hannah. Witnessing Kenny and Armando’s life in Mexico is pretty inspiring, and it seems like nothing can derail their picture-perfect relationship as of the present. On top of it, their families are also quite accepting of their marriage, and we see nothing but happiness in the couple’s future.

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