Julio and Kirsten From 90 Day Fiance: Here’s All We Know About the Couple

’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ season 5 introduces us to Brentwood, New York, resident Julio and his Dutch girlfriend, Kirsten. Interestingly, Julio claimed he was looking for someone who shared his passion for traveling and adventure sports when he came across Kirsten for the first time. Moreover, it did not take long for the two to get comfortable, and from the looks of it, they were ready to start a life together. However, with fans now eager to learn more about the two, here’s everything we know about Julio and Kirsten.

Julio is a New Yorker, While Kirsten Has a Dutch Heritage

A resident of Brentwood, New York, Julio was 27-years-old at the time of filming. Interestingly, he was raised by a single mother in the Dominican Republic and had quite a challenging childhood before moving to the United States at eight years of age. Unfortunately, the condition did not improve in the United States as Julio felt completely alone in a foreign country and was bullied for not being fluent in English. However, the challenges pushed him to become a better version of himself, and once he discovered his passion for music, life became a lot easier. Julio started DJing at several nightclubs at the age of 15, and although he currently works as a school safety officer by day.

Interestingly, Julio still DJs at various venues and events in and around Brentwood. On top of it, Julio is also pretty passionate about traveling and adventure sports, which is what drew him to Kirsten in the first place. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Kirsten was born and brought up in the Netherlands, and like Julio, she has a knack for traveling and other outdoor activities. In fact, her love for visiting exotic places helped her connect with the US native initially, and Julio realized that Kirsten was the perfect person to share his adventures with. Besides, even though Kirsten did not reveal a lot about herself or her profession, it seems like she is quite fond of socializing and even leads a pretty active lifestyle.

Julio and Kirsten Met Via a Dating App

Although both Julio and Kirsten had romantic relationships before meeting each other, none of them seemed to work out the way they expected it to. Moreover, since Julio did not want to date American women, he signed up on an international dating app, where he met Kirsten for the first time. Although the US native was instantly attracted to Kirsten and liked that she was from Europe, Julio believed the 24-year-old was out of his league and would never respond to his messages. However, he eventually decided to take the plunge, and it did not take long for the two to connect over their love for adventure and traveling.

Interestingly, after about two to three months of talking online, Julio finally decided to fly to Amsterdam to meet Kirsten. Yet, they soon realized that the entire country was in lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced the two to quarantine together. Naturally, the first few days of the quarantine were quite awkward, as neither knew what to do. Yet, once they grew comfortable with each other, the relationship blossomed, and Julio later admitted that being in quarantine together fast-tracked their connection.

Julio and Kirsten Are Navigating Their Future Together

Although Julio and Kirsten appear to be a perfect match, there are some obstacles they have to navigate in order to reach their happily ever after. For starters, Julio has never met Kirsten’s parents, and it is unclear if they would want their daughter to have an American husband. On the other hand, since Julio wanted to be close to his girlfriend, he applied for residency in The Netherlands and is due to move in a few months. However, he is yet to inform his loved ones about the move, and getting their approval will be quite a challenge. Still, with Julio and Kirsten ready to meet each other halfway, we feel this relationship will stand the test of time.

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