Arturo Gamino Tribute on Dark Matter: Who was He?

Apple TV+’s ‘Dark Matter’ delivers a complex world to the audience, where a character named Jason Dessen finds himself in the web of multiple realities, trying to get back to the one he belongs to. The story is expansive and immersive and with every episode, brings something new to the table. Apart from its crisp storytelling, the show’s visuals also play an important role in helping the audience understand how things work in the show’s complicated array of multiple realities. To bring all of that together, several people work behind the scenes to make sure that the creative vision of the writers and directors is brought to life just as they intended. It is to such a behind-the-scenes force that ‘Dark Matter’ pays tribute in its fourth episode.

Dark Matter Acknowledges the Importance of Arturo Gamino’s Work

A Greens Foreman, Arturo Gamino worked behind the scenes as a production assistant to bring together the different worlds that ‘Dark Matter’ presents to the audience, the importance of which is especially highlighted in the fourth episode, where Jason and Amanda experiment with the different doors in the box and find themselves in different kinds of realities.

Born on July 9, 1986, Arturo Gamino passed away at the age of 36 on June 24, 2023. He hailed from Cicero, Illinois, and was married to Lenin Fabricio Guaman. He is survived by his parents, Eutimio and Celia, his siblings, Cristobal and Veronica, and several nephews and nieces. A graduate of the University of Phoenix and Tribeca Flashpoint College, Gamino was employed as a Greens Production Assistant at Amazon Studios and was also working as a Production Office Assistant for 20th Century Fox Productions. In his several years of experience in the industry, he “demonstrated a history of working in the Information Technology & Services industry,” which gave him a leg up with his strong interpersonal and public speaking skills.

He worked on films and TV shows like ‘Candyman,’ ‘Fargo,’ and ‘Utopia,’ among several other feature-length and short films. A generally private person, Gamino was known for his friendly and helping nature in both his personal and professional lives. He loved photography, travel, and spending time with his loved ones. He also loved dogs and had a pet who passed away in 2022.

The author of ‘Dark Matter,’ Blake Crouch, who is also credited as a writer and a producer on the series, and Jacque Ben-Zekry, who also produces the series, spoke about losing Gamino and the impact he had on the series. They revealed that despite “a lot of hectic, time intensive, complex needs” of the show and its producers, Gamino always exhibited “positivity and a willingness to work hard” with unparalleled “patience, energy, and kindness.” They credited him with making the show “all the more beautiful because of his work.” Gamino’s loss has been felt professionally, and he is remembered with nothing but fondness by the people who knew and loved him.

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