Asa Ellerup: Where is Rex Heuermann’s Wife Now?

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The authorities had been searching for a serial killer since the discovery of four women’s bodies in December 2010. It took several years for them to identify a suspect, and in July 2023, Rex Heuermann was arrested. The shocking aspect was that Rex Heuermann, a family man with a wife and children as well as a respectable job as an architect, appeared to be an ordinary, unsuspecting individual. The impact of the case on his family is highlighted in ABC’s ‘Truth and Lies: The Hunted.’

Asa Ellerup Did Not Know About The Murders

Rex Heuermann and Asa Ellerup exchanged vows in April 1996, and they established their home in Rex’s childhood residence in Massapequa Park, Long Island. Asa’s son from a previous relationship, Christopher Sheridan, resided with them, and he faced learning challenges, relying on his mother for support. Over time, the couple welcomed their daughter, Victoria Heuermann, into the family, creating the appearance of a typical and harmonious life. Rex pursued a career in construction and renovation projects in New York City, eventually founding his firm, RH Consultants & Associates. Victoria also joined him, working in his office.

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The arrest of Rex Heuermann by the police was related to the murders of four women—Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello—while he was also suspected of being connected to the murder of Maureen Brainard-Barnes. These heinous acts occurred in 2010, and the police honed in on Rex as a suspect by narrowing down the location of his office and residence. Crucial information came to light when calls were traced back to the victims’ families after the murders. Law enforcement retrieved Rex’s DNA from a discarded pizza box found in his trash, which matched evidence found on one of the victims. Additionally, Asa’s hair was discovered on or near the bodies of three out of the four women.

As the police delved deeper into the investigation, it became evident that the timeline of the women’s disappearances aligned with moments when Asa and her children were not at home. It was presumed that her hair was most probably transferred through Rex. Asa, unaware of her husband’s alleged criminal activities, had no involvement in the heinous crimes committed in her residence. Following Rex’s arrest, Asa and her children relocated to a hotel to facilitate a thorough search of their house by the police. Subsequently, on July 19, 2023, Asa initiated divorce proceedings, with the specific reasons for the divorce remaining undisclosed.

Asa Ellerup Has Been Living in Long Island Till Today

Upon returning to her residence, Asa Ellerup was shocked to discover that her home had been thoroughly ransacked, including damage to her plumbing and pipes. Disturbed by the extent of the disruption, her lawyer indicated that she was considering filing a complaint against the investigating authorities and pursuing legal action. Asa also faced persistent harassment from the media, with reporters frequently converging on her house. Reports suggest that during one such incident, she vocally expressed her frustration with the situation, underscoring the challenges she was confronting.

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Asa soon released a public statement by the end of July 2023, which read, “On behalf of my family and especially my elderly neighbors, who have also had their lives turned upside down by the enormous police presence, in addition to the spectators and news crews. They deserve to live peacefully; they should be able to walk their dogs and go to the grocery stores without cameras shoved in their faces. I am pleading with you all to give us space so that we may regain some normalcy in our neighborhood.”

In August 2023, Asa’s lawyer disclosed that she was grappling with skin and breast cancer and had approximately 18 months of treatment ahead. Her reliance on her husband’s health insurance came to an end a few months after his arrest. Some individuals who had been monitoring the case recognized Asa and her children as victims of Rex, prompting the initiation of a GoFundMe page for her. This fundraising effort garnered around $22,000 in support of Asa and her children but is paused for donations at present.

In November 2023, Asa made an appearance at one of her husband’s court hearings, sparking media attention. Despite the frenzy, she remained composed. Reports suggest that Asa has communicated with Rex over the phone and has visited him in jail, although the specifics of their conversations have been kept confidential. The latest details suggest that she and her children are still living in the house on Massapequa Park in Long Island.

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