Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 Ending, Explained

If season 4 episode 12 of ‘Attack on Titan’ is all about the new Eren, then episode 13 is all about the conflicts and changes that the supporting characters, including Nicolo and Gabi, go through. Having said that, episode 13 also effectively showcases the never-ending death and destruction that war brings about. It proactively highlights how Eren’s actions in Marley have affected people in both countries. But more than that, it leaves us with a few questions to ponder over. So, if you’re in the same boat as us, then we may have the answers you’re looking for. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

While talking to Levi, Zeke reveals that he used gas weapons containing his spinal fluid to turn the villagers of Ragako into titans themselves. In the meantime, Sasha’s family, along with Gabi and Falco, shows up at the establishment where Nicolo works. Kaya mentions that Sasha had saved her life during a previous titan attack. Just then, the Scouts also show up. Jean and Connie take a bottle of fancy wine, but the seemingly well-adjusted Nicolo states that “filthy Eldians” are not worthy of such pleasures. This catches the soldiers off-guard.

Seeing Nicolo go into an empty room, Gabi and Falco excuse themselves and go after him. There, they reveal to him that they are Marleyan Warrior Candidates. Furthermore, Nicolo also realizes that Gabi is the one who fatally shot Sasha. In a fit of rage, Nicolo attacks Sasha with a bottle of wine, but Falco pushes her out of the way and is afflicted instead. Nicolo punches Gabi and takes her back to everyone. He then reveals the truth to Sasha’s father.

Holding Falco at knifepoint, Nicolo tells Mr. Braus to kill Gabi and avenge his daughter. Not one to submit meekly, Gabi screams that Sasha was also responsible for killing people that Gabi loved back in Marley. Mr. Braus takes the knife from Nicolo and delivers a poignantly heartfelt speech about the perils of war and the need to shield the next generation from it. But Sasha’s death is still felt by many, including Kaya, who tries to attack Gabi.

However, Mikasa intervenes in time. Gabi, who has always looked at the Eldians as “devils,” is unable to comprehend why these seemingly horrible people are empathetic and compassionate towards her, the killer of their comrade. Gabi is removed from the room by Armin and Mikasa. Nicolo then reveals that some wine had entered Falco’s mouth and that it likely contains Zeke’s spinal fluid. Yelena had instructed Nicolo to serve it to Paradis’ high-ranking officers. Back in the forest, Levi, seeing the possible threat that Eren now poses, begins to lose hope.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 Ending: What Could Eren Want to Talk About?

As Gabi starts repenting her past actions and introspects on the nature of war, Armin and Mikasa state that they don’t want to kill her. Eren then enters the room and tells his childhood friends that he wants to talk to them about something. In the other room, his followers, including Floch, hold the other Scouts at gunpoint and ask them for Zeke’s location. During this ordeal, Hange realizes that the other faction already knows about the presence of Zeke’s spinal fluid in the wine.

Things are definitely heating up in season 4 of ‘Attack on Titan,’ and given the wound on Eren’s hand, it initially seems as though he would have turned into a titan to achieve what he wants – Zeke’s whereabouts. Evidently, Eren has known about Zeke’s “wine plan” all along, and he seems to be okay with what it represents: total control over the top military brass of Paradis Island. For Eren, this should be a point of contention since it harms his own people. But for whatever it is worth, the half brothers have clearly left no stone unturned to achieve what they want.

Eren’s followers believe that the military will jump at any opportunity to take over the Founding Titan themselves, and the level of mistrust on both sides has only fuelled this divide in the military. So, if Eren and Zeke are able to control the big guns, they can carry out their plan effectively with little to no resistance. Eren clearly does not need to talk to his friends about his next steps, so why has he approached them?

Despite all the death and destruction that their actions have caused, it really does seem as though Eren and Zeke are trying to find the most “peaceful” method to carry out their plan. Going off of the eponymous manga on which the anime is based, Zeke wants to euthanize all Eldians. The logic is barbarically simple – if you eliminate the entire race, you also eradicate the issues they face. (The anime has yet to mention this facet of the story, but this information is key to understanding the bigger picture).

Season 4 of ‘Attack on Titan’ has also not mentioned if Eren is actually on board with this plan or if he has a few tricks up his own sleeve that Zeke has not been made privy to. Nonetheless, it would appear as though Eren is trying to reach out to his friends to ensure that the military does not interfere with his plans. It is probably safe to say that he will not extend an olive branch to them, but at the same time, maybe Eren feels that this is the best way to accomplish their goals in a peaceful manner. After all, Armin and Mikasa will give him the benefit of the doubt, and the emotional bond between the trio could just sway things in Eren’s favor.

Is Falco Dead?

No, it does not seem as though Falco is dead. But Nicolo really did not hold back while smashing the wine bottle on his head. From the trends seen in the previous episodes of ‘Attack on Titan,’ it is likely that Falco will be saved (by his former War Chief, Zeke) in the nick of time. Episode 13 focuses heavily on Zeke’s ability to turn innocent Eldians into titans.

There’s also something to be said for Zeke’s impeccable timing, which has been a game-changer in the past. We anticipate that just as Falco will seemingly breathe his last, Zeke will let out his own “scream.” This will change Falco into a titan, thereby saving the young boy from an early death.

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