Aubrey Fisher: Ex-7M Member is a Multi-Talented Artist Today

Netflix’s ‘Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ provides a detailed account of the sinister side of 7M Films management company and its associated church, Shekinah Church. As many TikTok stars joined the talent agency, they could not see through the lies and deceit of Robert Shinn, who preached his ideologies and forced them to stay out of touch with their family and friends. Soon, numerous members of the management company, including Aubrey Fisher, suspected something fishy. So, before things got worse, he decided to step out of the agency and become independent.

Aubrey Fisher’s Passion Is Both Church and Dance

Growing up in a religious Christian home, Aubrey Fisher used to go to church regularly but fell out of the habit after graduating high school. As he grew up, his passion and enthusiasm for dancing also arose. Sharing the same passion for dancing, Kylie Douglas became Aubrey’s best friend, lover, and dance partner. When he found out that he could earn money for dancing on social media, Aubrey and Kylie started becoming active on social media, posting exceptional dance videos on TikTok and Instagram. Meanwhile, he was also trying to get back into his old habit of regularly going to the church.

Collaborating with other dancers, he also started hanging out with them and made exclusive and high-quality content. One of his collaborators, BDash, introduced him to Robert Shinn, a pastor who asked him about his religious practice and made him read a scripture in Revelations. This reignited a spark in him about the church, making him attend Bible study meetings, which lasted for more than a couple of hours. When he did not arrive home until 1 am after one of his Bible study meetings, his partner, Kylie, had gotten worried about him. Gradually, he blew up and earned millions of followers by posting his dance videos, getting many brand deals, so much so that he couldn’t keep up.

On the other hand, other dancers like BDash were also having trouble with their respective management companies. When Robert heard about this problem, he decided to establish his own management company and called it 7M. Becoming a part of the agency, both Aubrey and Kylie collaborated with the Derricks on a regular basis and amassed millions of followers on social media, including TikTok and Instagram. However, little did he and other members of the agency know that the agency was the front for a cult led by Robert Shinn. When Aubrey, along with many others, realized the same, he parted ways with the church and 7M Films. Moreover, things didn’t work out between him and Kylie, and they both went their separate ways by June 2023.

Where is Aubrey Fisher Now?

Following in the steps of several other members, Aubrey Fisher exited the Los Angeles-based talent management company in 2022. Post that, he has showcased his dancing skills on various platforms and in myriad forms. His mesmerizing dance moves also graced the stage of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ in 2023. Aubrey is also associated with TMILLY TV, an online portal where you can watch and learn dance with some of the best choreographers in the world. He also collaborated with Prodigy Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and conducted a masterclass for those interested. In July 2023, he surprised his fans with a krumping battle on the YouTube Channel of BVCK Originals.

Aubrey loves to express his passion on the dance floor, which is evident from the hundreds of choreographies he has on his social media platforms. Ranging from tributes to Michael Jackson to Era Battles, he has a variety of videos that are not only thoroughly entertaining but also provide insight into his burning desire to make a significant impact in the world of dance. He elaborated on the same with a caption that read: “I don’t have to battle but I want to battle, I don’t have to teach dance classes but I want to teach dance classes. I’m not only trying to be involved, but I’m trying to evolve, inspire & just do it ALL.” As a huge fan of MJ, he was elated when he stumbled upon MJ’s brother, Jackie Jackson, and his kids in August, who expressed their admiration for his moves.

He was also a part of Band-Aid x Share The Movement and provided free coaching to several people at their LA Dance Clinic. Aubrey regularly offers dance classes at Eighty-Eight Studios. Owing to his determination, practice, and hard work, he has gone from strength to strength and amassed over 2.1M followers on Instagram. Aubrey is clearly a big name in the dance circuit today and boasts collaborations with other famous artists such as Alysha Percy, Hypers Kids Africa, Marie Poppins, Josh Killacky, Caho Kitaori, etc. In May 2024, the label “actor” was added to his profile when he bagged the opportunity to star in Don B. Welch Productions’ stage play titled ‘Meet Me In the Prayer Room’ in Hollywood.

To the delight of many, since early 2024, the influencer began dropping videos showcasing the power of his smooth vocals. After sharing the covers of “Lose Control” by Teddy Swims, “Golden Hour” by JVKE, “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd, and many others, Aubrey surprised everyone by dropping the teaser of his first single “No Trace,” releasing on May 31. Besides being a dancer, Aubrey is now an actor as well as a singer, and it looks like there’s no more looking back for him.

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