Where Are The Aurora Teagarden Movies Filmed?

‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ is a 14-film series of made-for-TV movies by Hallmark, based on the fictional character created by book writer Charlaine Harris. Aurora Teagarden is a librarian at the fictional Lawrenceton Public Library and runs the Real Murders Club, a group composed of like-minded true-crime enthusiasts like herself. The club members love discussing thrilling and mysterious cases and also take a deep interest in solving them.

Aurora (Candace Cameron Bure) has a penchant for solving crimes and catching criminals, much to the dismay of her mother. Aurora often enlists the help of her fellow club members to solve real-life crimes. Curious to know where the ‘Aurora Teagarden’ mystery movies are filmed? You’ve come to the right place.

Aurora Teagarden Mystery Filming Locations

Majorly, the movies are filmed in and around Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, with several different towns as locations that have served as the backdrop of 14 films so far. Here are all the major locations where the ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ have been shot.

Squamish, British Columbia

The Lawrenceton Public Library (where Aurora works at) is filmed at 37907 2 Ave, Squamish, BC. 37989 Cleveland Ave in Squamish serves as the location for the Lawrenceton newspaper office. Aurora’s condo is at 41719 Honey Ln, Squamish. At 1930 Diamond Rd is the filming location for the interiors of St. John the Divine Anglican Church. 37955 2 Ave or 37995 2 Ave, Squamish becomes the Lawrenceton Police Department. 38055 Cleveland Ave doubles for The Ledge Community Coffee House.

Langley City, British Columbia

One of the club member’s homes is filmed at 21663 Murrays Crescent, Langley City. 20392 98A Ave in Langley City serves as Aurora’s new house. Many other houses have doubled up as the filming location for these films, including 8419 224 St, 20944 94 Ave, and 20962 93A Ave.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Filming for one of the films (‘The Julius House’) in the series has been done at the Clayburn Village Bed and Breakfast – 34914 Clayburn Rd, Abbotsford. 4315 Wright St in Abbotsford becomes the Lawrenceton Veterans Hall, while 33787 S Fraser Way is used to film scenes set in Aida’s real estate office. Also, 31960 Royal Cres is utilized as Callie Reyes’ house.

Langley Twp, British Columbia

27347 0 Ave, Aldergrove in the Township of Langley serves as Aurora’s home while shooting for other members’ home scenes also takes place at 5693 247A St and 5708 247A St.

Montour Falls, New York

Another primary location for filming the ‘Aurora Teagarden’ movies is Montour Falls, New York. West Main St, Montour Falls, is Shequaga Falls in the opening credits. Also, 401 W Main St, Montour Falls serves as the location for the exterior of Montour House Cafe & Tapas Bar.

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