Is There a Killer on My Street: Filming And Cast Details

Lifetime Channel’s ‘Is There a Killer on My Street’ is a made-for-TV thriller film that follows the story of a single mother who falls for her hunky neighbor but soon suspects that her new boyfriend has a hand in the murders happening in their neighborhood. In the murder mystery thriller, Lindsay, a divorced single mother, heads her nosy neighborhood’s safety watch program. Soon, she starts dating newly-moved single hunk Stephen, much to everyone else’s jealousy.

But when people around her start turning up dead and she receives a couple of creepy presents anonymously, Lindsay gets worried about the safety of her teenage daughter and that of herself. When things get too dark, no one is above suspicion – not her new boyfriend, not her long-time friend and neighbor, and not the sweet security guard. Curious to know where ‘Is There a Killer on My Street’ has been filmed and who is in the cast? We’ve got all the details.

Is There a Killer on My Street Filming Locations

Written and directed by Jake Helgren, it features a talented ensemble cast. Originally released in 2018, the movie was previously titled ‘The Neighborhood Nightmare.’ The thriller was filmed entirely on location in California, USA. The cast and crew mostly worked nights to wrap up the shooting of the film.

Apparently, it was a fun set, with the producer bringing her adorable toddler and the director bringing his cute little dog to work. Here are the sites where the filming for ‘Is There a Killer on My Street’ or ‘The Neighborhood Nightmare’ (as it was then called) took place!

Los Angeles, California

The film’s principal photography was completed extensively in the city of Los Angeles. The street scenes and the gym scenes were shot in the City of Angels, often referred to as the home of Hollywood. Since LA houses most of the significant production studios in the world, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular filming locations for movies and TV shows. It’s also the home base of the American film industry.

Altadena, California

Altadena is an unincorporated town in Los Angeles County, California. The neighborhood and Lindsay’s home scenes in ‘Is There a Killer on My Street’ were filmed in Altadena. The town is approximately 17 miles north of Los Angeles and a 7-minute drive from Pasadena. Many other popular films and TV shows have also been filmed in Altadena. Some of them are ‘Interstellar,’ ‘American Pie,’ ‘Big Little Lies,’ ‘Beverly Hills 90210,’ ‘No Strings Attached,’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can.’

Is There a Killer on My Street Cast

This murder mystery thriller stars Julie McNiven (‘Mad Men,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘SGU Stargate’), Trevor Donovan (‘90210’, ‘Texas Rising,’ ‘Amber Alert’), Helena Mattsson (‘Surrogates,’ ‘American Horror Story’), and Matt Raimo (‘Recovery Road,’ ‘Criminal Minds’) as the main cast. Julie McNiven plays single mom Lindsay, Trevor Donovan is the handsome neighbor Stephen, Helena Mattsson plays the role of jealous neighbor/friend Kat, and Matt Raimo is the concerned security guard Barrett. The supporting cast includes Courtney Grosbeck, Lynn Chen, Mercedes Renard, and Trevor St. John.

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