Is Ava a True Story?

‘Ava’ is an action movie that stars Jessica Chastain as the eponymous character. She is a deadly assassin who faces obstacles in both her professional and personal life when a job goes wrong. By hook or crook, she has to ensure her survival. The movie is an addition to an already saturated genre, which is usually known for some rather imaginative plots. Let’s explore whether the film was inspired by real events!

Is Ava Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Ava’ is not based on a true story. One must keep in mind that before filming wrapped up, Jessica’s character (and consequently, the movie) was called Eve. However, for unknown reasons, her name was then changed to Ava. Matthew Newton wrote the script, and he was even supposed to direct the film. Talking about it, Matthew said, “I have always admired Jessica Chastain’s work. So when I wrote Eve, an intelligent, strong, and incredibly capable character, she was my immediate first choice to bring her to life. I am humbled and thrilled to be collaborating with Jessica and Voltage on the film.”

Jessica Chastain also served as a producer for the film. Alongside Kelly Carmichael of Freckle Films, the actress released a statement that read, “Matthew is wonderfully adept at crafting complex and relatable characters. We’ve been fans of his work and are so thrilled to be partnering with him and Voltage on Eve.” However, Matthew Newton had to step down due to his history of domestic violence and the subsequent public pressure.

In 2007, Matthew pleaded guilty to assaulting actress Brooke Satchwell, who he was dating at the time. But his conviction was overturned by a judge as the Australian director reportedly suffered from manic depression. In fact, Matthew has always been vocal about his bipolar disorder diagnosis. Three years later, his then-fiancée, Rachael Taylor, also accused him of verbal and physical assault. Australian media outlets reported that she suffered from a concussion, bruising, and a sprained jaw. Matthew was given a two-year apprehended domestic violence order, but he breached it and had to seek treatment again. According to reports, there were a few more incidents involving a 66-year-old taxi driver and a hotel clerk.

Matthew left the production, and told New York Times, “Yesterday I notified Jessica Chastain and the other producers on the film ‘Eve’ that I will be stepping down as director. Since the announcement of this film, the responses, which are powerful and important, have not fallen on deaf ears. Over the past eight years I have been working extensively with health care professionals to help me overcome my addiction and mental health illness. For the past six years I have lived a quiet and sober life. All I can do now is try to be a living amends and hopefully contribute to the positive change occurring in our industry.”

Jessica Chastain also came under fire as many people felt that working with Matthew was a hypocritical move on the part of the #MeToo movement advocate. She had previously stated that she would not want to work with people who had been accused of such things. Jessica also reiterated that it was important to her that her actions matched her words. However, it seems to be the case that she did not react to this controversy. Tate Taylor, who is known for the Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Help,’ filled in as the director and saw the project to completion. However, Matthew Newton is still credited as the writer for ‘Ava.’

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