Are Avery and Omar From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

Love makes the world go round. And, this couple from the hit TLC reality series ’90 Day Fiance’ is living proof of that. When Omar couldn’t apply for a K-1 visa to visit his fiancé, Avery took things into her own hands. This couple’s love story seems like something straight out of a movie or novel. On one hand, it is unbelievable, but on the other, it gives you hope and reaffirms your faith in love. The couple featured on season 3 of the spin-off series ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’. One of the most peace-loving and calm couples, they sacrificed everything to be together.

Avery and Omar: 90 Day Fiance Journey

A 19-year-old Avery from Ohio was born in a Christian family. But, she converted to Islam after learning about the religion from some of her friends. She adorned a hijab and started practicing the ways of Islam. Soon after, she joined a Muslim dating site where she came across the handsome 24-year-old dentist, Omar. She initially thought that he belonged to the US as well, but when he revealed that he belonged to Syria, she was shocked. But, that didn’t hold her back. She was already hooked to him and head over heels in love with him.

Avery and Omar got engaged even before they met. He even sent her a diamond ring in the mail. Avery’s family was worried about her and had their suspicions about Omar. So when Avery discussed her plans to travel to Lebanon to meet Omar for the very first time, Avery’s mother, Teri, insisted on tagging along. When she landed at the airport, Omar was waiting for her with a bouquet of roses. They embraced and expressed their love for each other. Avery shared that she felt safe with Omar and that she had thoroughly enjoyed Lebanon’s culture, music, and food.

Avery and Omar decided to get married within two days of meeting. Teri was taken aback about how fast things were happening. She warned her daughter that he might be using her for an American visa, but Avery didn’t care. She defended him and told her mother that her decision was firm. Avery was also guilty about her dating history before she converted to Islam, but Omar reassured her that he wanted to marry her.

Avery and Omar got married in a mosque on 11 February 2019, with only Teri present with them. She was sad to witness her daughter losing her ambitions and independence. But, the couple seemed to be extremely happy, so that gave Teri some hope. Avery later revealed to her mother that she plans on moving in with Omar. She confessed that his spousal visa might take years to come because of the US’s travel ban policy for Syrians. She didn’t want to live away from him for that long. Teri tried to make Avery understand that it wouldn’t be easy for her to live in a war-torn country, but she insisted that she was willing to make that sacrifice. Teri got upset and left for the states soon after.

Are Avery and Omar Still Together?

Yes! They are still together and happily married. Avery and Omar are currently staying in Lebanon. Avery shuffles between the country and the states as she is pursuing her college degree from the US. She recently shared that if the visa for the US doesn’t work out, then they might move to another Middle Eastern country like Dubai.

Omar is still studying to become an oral surgeon. Avery and Omar also run an online store together called Albakour Kouture. It specializes in fashion, accessories, jewelry, and other specialty handmade items like mosaic boxes, prayer rugs, wall art, and hijabs.

A few months back, news about Avery’s pregnancy started doing rounds on social media. But, she shut them out and told her followers that these were just rumors. Avery has adjusted well with Omar’s friends and family. They recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and posted pictures on their shared Instagram account.

According to sources, Avery and Omar will be featuring on the new season of the spin-off ’90 Day Fiance: What Now?’ The show will follow their lives post-marriage and might also enlighten the audience about Omar’s visa.

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