Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee: Is the Love Like a K-Drama Couple Still Together?

If you have ever been curious whether romance can bloom between two actors while acting for the cameras, Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ might just have the answers you need. The Japanese reality show’s unique concept gives various actors a chance of their lifetime to not only star in a heart-touching romantic show but also hopefully find love in the process. Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee certainly seemed to have formed a deep connection during their time in the social experiment, making many wonder if the two are still together.

Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee’s Love Like a K-Drama Journey

Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee’s story began on the very first day of the show after the girls had already met their first two potential male interests. After Tae Gyun had been introduced, both Ayano and Nozomi Bando extended their hands toward him, showing that they were interested in partnering with him. He ended up choosing Ayano, which meant that the two had to prepare for their first round of auditions together.

Prior to the second pairing, Tae Gyun found himself gravitating towards Rio Yamashita, which led him to pair up with her. Her during the said selections. This meant that Ayano was now with Ji Hyuk Song. However, Honoka Kitahara had also developed an interest in Tae Gyun and chose him to be the third person in the second episode, for which she and Wonshik Kim had already been selected. While not much came out of these two pairings, Ayano continued to hold a torch for Tae Gyun.

In fact, during the third pairing, Ayano rushed to find the gift for Tae Gyun and gifted it to him, reuniting the two. This time, the pair impressed the judges the most during the third audition, meaning that they were selected to be lead characters in the third episode of the show that was being filmed. The fourth round of pairing saw Tae Gyun with Nozomi, while Ayano was back with Ji Hyuk. However, by this time, the connection between Tae Gyun and Ayano had become stronger than ever.

When the fifth round of pairing took place, both Tae Gyun and Ayano chose each other, though the latter was also partnered with Ji Hyuk. By this point, Tae Gyun and Ayano’s relationship had certainly solidified to the extent that they were not eager to pursue anyone else. From sharing meaningful conversations to laughing together at jokes, the couple continued to strengthen their bond. Hence, it did not surprise many when Ayano chose to confess Tae Gyun, who was ecstatic to confess his own feelings, even to the extent of professing love.

Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee Are Keeping Things Private

With a bond as strong as the one that formed between Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee, it is certainly understanding why the fans of the Netflix show have become so curious about their relationship status. As of writing, neither party has shared an official update about their relationship, though they do continue to be on amicable terms. The reality TV stars have been more than happy to promote the series and have expressed much admiration for the experience.

Moreover, Ayano took to Instagram to write a sweet message for Tae Gyun, her on-screen partner, along with some of the other cast members. The reality TV stars also continue to follow each other on social media and have been seen interacting in the comment sections of the platform, indicating, if nothing else, a cordial relationship. It is also possible that the two have continued their relationship but have decided to keep any updates regarding the same close to their hearts.

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