Are Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara From Love Like a K-Drama Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ is a Japanese reality series that gives some of the country’s talented artists a chance to not only star in their own Korean drama series but also to find love along the way. As one might expect, the journey for the same was far from easy, as evidenced by the story of Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara. Though the two had to go through various ups and downs, they did seem to have a heartwarming ending, which has now made the world curious about whether the two are still with each other.

Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara’s Love Like a K-Drama Journey

Along with three other actresses, Honoka Kitahara was given the opportunity to meet their first potential male love interest. This turned out to be none other than Wonshik Kim, who openly expressed why he might make for a good partner in this unique adventure. Honoka, Rio Yamashita, and Ayano Kudo raised their hands, signifying that they would not be opposed to partnering up with Wonshik, who ended up choosing Honoka.

Together, Wonshik and Honoka started to prepare for their roles in the first episode, though they unfortunately did not get the role. Following this, the time came for the second turn of pairings, where the male cast members got the chance to choose. Wonshik decided to express his interest in Honoka and did not receive any competition. Partnered again, the couple worked hard in the preparations for episode two and were able to win the role.

However, given that the second episode was about a love triangle, Honoka was told that she had to pick another male cast member, and she decided to go with Tae Gyun Lee due to her new interest in him. The development hurt Wonshik, who struggled to see Honoka getting closer to Tae Gyun. During the fourth pairing, the girls had to select and gift their chosen partners the gift that they had asked for. Wonshik seemed immensely hurt that Honoka had from her shopping and then raced back, indicating that her first choice may have already been taken. Though she did come back with the gift he had asked for, the sting of being chosen for fourth place did not go away easily.

While trying to process the new developments, Wonshik found himself growing closer to Nozomi Bando but knew that she was highly interested in Dong Kyu Kim. However, Dong Kyu had started to get closer to Rio before the fourth pairing, during which Wonshik had been once again paired with Honoka, whose partnership was apparently like that of a married couple. Wonshik continued to grow closer to Nozomi, who decided to accept his advances.

By this time, Honoka had realized that her feelings for Wonshik were indeed quite deep, but she felt that he was drifting away from her. During the fifth round, he had indeed chosen to work with Wonshik, but he had chosen Nozomi. For the last round of pairing, it was left up to the girls to choose their partners, with Nozomi and Honoka both expressing their desire to be with Wonshik. Honoka requested that Nozomi give her a chance to confess her feelings to Wonshik before he made the choice, something that Nozomi agreed to. However, she ended up not actually confessing her feelings.

For the sixth round, Wonshik chose Nozomi as his partner, and the two actually ended up becoming the stars of episode six. However, during the shooting process, Wonshik realized that his feelings for Honoka ran deeper than he had realized. He decided to tell Nozomi about the same in order to not lead her on. When the time came for the final confessions before the girls were to return to Japan, Wonshik chose to confess his feelings to Honoka, who happily reciprocated them.

Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara Have Not Shared an Update

Given the chemistry between Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara that had the viewers swooning, it is hardly a wonder the world has become curious about whether or not the two are still together romantically. The two reality TV stars have not shared any official news about the same as of writing, but from what we can gather, it seems like the two may still be on good terms. Wonshik continues to follow his on-screen partner on Instagram, and while the reverse is not true, Honoka actually does not follow anyone at all on the social media platform presently.

That is not to say that Honoka has not showcased her appreciation for Wonshik on the internet. In late December 2023, when the show had just ended airing in Japan, she posted a heartwarming appreciation post for Wonshik, talking about his gentle nature and stating that while she was too overwhelmed to confess back properly on the show, she had no hesitation in thanking him for choosing her at the end, referencing the conversation surrounding wind that the two had shared.

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