Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita: Is the Love Like a K-Drama Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ gives its cast members a unique chance to not only pursue their desire for love but also their passion for acting. While working together on various romantic scenes, the participants try to see if they are compatible with their chosen partners in real life. For Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita, the journey was far from easy, especially given the various ups and downs they had to face during the experiment, though it did allow them to create a strong bond. As such, the world has become curious about whether or not their on-screen story has continued even today.

Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita’s Love Like a K-Drama Journey

Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita’s love story began in a way that is unlike any other couple on the show. For the first pairing, they never even came across each other, with Dong Kyu having partnered with Nozomi Bando while Rio chose Ji Hyuk Song. In fact, during the first couple of pairings, Rio was torn between her bonds with Ji Hyuk and Tae Gyun Lee. However, sometime around the third pairing, Rio started to feel attracted to Dong Kyu.

However, at the time, Dong Kyu was seemingly focused only on Nozomi to the point that even when he and Rio went out to have dinner together, he thought it to be a platonic one, though everyone suspected that Rio did not think the same way. When everyone pointed this out to Dong Kyu, he could not help but be surprised a little. However, things changed after the fourth pairing, when the two were matched based on compatibility.

In fact, Dong Kyu and Rio hit it off so well following their pairing that they were even selected to be in the fourth episode of the show that the cast members were filming. At this time, Dong Kyu remained conflicted about his feelings for Rio and Nozomi, though he confessed that it was possible that his feelings for the latter might have been because he had initially only concentrated on her. By the time the fifth pairing came around, Dong Kyu and Rio chose each other, but Nozomi had also chosen Dong Kyu, which she quickly realized was not reciprocated.

During the fifth round of the audition, the judges could not help but point out how Dong Kyu’s chemistry with Nozomi was not as loving as the one with Rio. Nevertheless, it was Dong Kyu and Nozomi who were chosen to be in the fifth episode, though by the time the shooting had ended, Dong Kyu made it quite clear that he was interested in Rio and not Nozomi, something that broke the latter’s heart. Meanwhile, Rio could not help but feel elated about being the sole subject of Dong Kyu’s affection.

As such, when the sixth pairing came about, few were surprised when Rio chose Dong Kyu to be her partner. Though the two were not selected to be in the last episode of the show, they continued to enjoy each other’s company. Not much later, the girls had to leave for Japan, but not before a final confession. Sure of his feelings, Dong Kyu decided to confess all his feelings to Rio, who was quite happy to say that she, too, was as invested in their bond as he had claimed to be.

Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita Are Yet to Share an Update

Having gone to immense lengths in order to be with each other in the Netflix show, Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita easily captured the hearts of many of the viewers. However, since the show aired, the two have not officially revealed whether or not they are still romantically with each other. The two have certainly received heaps of support from their adoring fans, who have flocked to social media to express just how much they enjoyed seeing them come together.

Though Dong Kyu and Rio have to share an update, we are optimistic that the two are still on amicable terms, if not in a romantic relationship. Both reality TV stars follow each other on social media and have been openly appreciative of their on-screen experience. The couple’s journey and its conclusion have easily made them fan favorites, something they seem to be quite thankful for.

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