B: The Beginning Season 3: Everything We Know

The original net animation, ‘B: The Beginning’ follows Keith Flick, the genius investigator, who rejoins the Royal Investigation Service as the mysterious serial killer Killer B, spreading chaos and violence in the archipelagic nation of Cremona. As the story unfolds, Keith comes face to face with a secret criminal organization as the race to stop a horrendous chain of events begins. Created by Kazuto Nakazawa, the show first premiered on March 2, 2018, on Netflix.

Upon its release, the series was appreciated by the critics mostly for its fluid action sequences and engrossing storytelling. Thanks to its impressive character development and captivating narrative, the series garnered a massive fanbase over the years. After the inconclusive ending of season 2, fans can’t be any more excited for the upcoming season. If you are also curious about ‘B: The Beginning’ season 3, we have got you covered.

B: The Beginning Season 3 Release Date

‘B: The Beginning’ season 2 released in its entirety on March 18, 2021, on Netflix. It consists of six episodes with a runtime of 23-25 minutes each.

Sadly, there has been no official confirmation regarding the cancellation and renewal as of now. Considering the good overall rating, significant fanbase, and the fact that season 2 ends on a cliffhanger with Koku and Kirisame fighting each other, we can expect the renewal of ‘B: The Beginning’ in the forthcoming months.

Netflix first announced the series back in February 2016, but the show wasn’t released until March 2018. Something similar happened with the show’s season 2, as it was renewed in mid-2018 and was released three years later in 2021. Therefore, assuming that it is renewed by mid-2021, we can expect ‘B: The Beginning’ season 3 to release sometime in 2023 or later.

B: The Beginning Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

In the finale of the second season of ‘B: The Beginning,’ Koku finally finds Keith dejected and on the verge of death near an ocean. Fortunately, he manages to call the ambulance just in time as Keith recovers in the hospital. Keith argues that Kirisame is working with the king from the beginning to create a new world order. So, both of them are just manipulating the members of the Royal Investigation Service.

With the RIS still fruitlessly searching for Killer B, Kirisame confronts Koku. He offers him another opportunity to join his forces and help him create a new world order, but Koku declines. Unable to convince Koku, Kirisame starts a physical fight as the season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving their fates unknown to the viewers.

In season 3 of ‘B: The Beginning,’ fans will finally find out the outcome of Kirisame’s fight with Koku. It’s unlikely that any one of them will die, but the possibility of a severe injury can’t be ruled out. It will be interesting to see what Keith’s next move is going to be since he now acknowledges that the king is working with Kirisame.

In the season 2 finale, Keith confesses to Lily that he has no plans, which shows his helplessness in the wake of recent events. Will it be possible to stop Kirisame now since he is far more influential? Will Koku be able to defeat Kirisame? How will Koku, Keith, and others come up with a plan to outsmart Kirisame and his allies? Season 2 ends with a lot of unanswered questions; therefore, the upcoming season is bound to be full of twists and turns.

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