Baby Ballroom: Where Are the Dancers Now?

Dancing is perhaps one of the most popular ways for a person to enjoy life and express themselves. Needless to say that any show surrounding this graceful art has always captured the interest of the public. In Netflix’s ‘Baby Ballroom,’ viewers get to see some of the best-known names in the field of ballroom dancing as they strive hard to teach others more about this enticing field and maintain their own growth. Naturally, fans of the dancing series are eager to learn about the current whereabouts of the various people affiliated with the Zig Zag Dance Factory.

Warren Bullock Continues to be a Dance Instructor

Having turned 58 on January 12, 1985, Warren Bullock seems to be continuing his work as a dance instructor through the Zig Zag Dance Factory, which was established by himself and his wife, Jane Bullock. The Netflix series is far from his only reality TV appearance, as he has also been a part of projects like ‘Come Dancing’ and ‘United Kingdom Dance Championships.’ Along with his wife, the classes offered by Warren are open to people of any age and gender. In 2019, the organization started Strictly Ability, a rewarding competition aimed at children with special needs and abilities. As of writing, the reality TV star is based in Wolverhampton, UK.

Jane Bullock is Enjoying Her Time With Family Today

Alongside her husband, Warren Bullock, Jane Phillips Bullock is dedicated to her role as an educator of dance. She and her husband celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on July 28, 1995, with hopes of continuing the cherishable dynamic. They also have a daughter named Savannah, who completed her Master of Philosophy in Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University in July 2022, much to her parents’ happiness. When not dancing her heart out, Jane likes to spend time with her loved ones, including her dog Mabel. The pet canine recently gave birth to three puppies, one male and two female, for whom the Bullocks are searching for a forever home.

Kim Hillyard is Living a Quiet Life Now

Thanks to her role as the show’s narrator, Kim Hillyard is quite popular among the fans of ‘Baby Ballroom.’ She was once also a part of a 2002 episode of ‘Stars in Their Eyes Kids’ as Martine McCutcheon/Herself. In fact, she was also a part of the soundtrack team of the show as a performer for “Perfect Moment.” Though not many details of her life are publically available, we wish her the best for the future and believe that is making much progress in her personal and professional life.

Kristina Rihanoff is the Founder of Bespoke Ballroom

As one of the most well-known ballroom dancers, Kristina Rihanoff’s presence in the Netflix show delighted many of the fans. One of the biggest reasons behind her fame might be her participation in eight different seasons of ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ In November 2022, her engagement to rugby player Ben Cohen became public news, with the happy couple receiving much love from their fans.

“Dreams do come true,” Kristina stated while talking about her engagement. As it turns out, the couple first met in 2013 during Ben’s participation in the eleventh season of ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ Kristina is also a proud mother to her daughter Mila, whom she loves very much. Presently, the dancing star lives in Northampton, UK, and is the founder of Bespoke Ballroom and Soo Yoga.

Simone Sault Leads a Private Life Today

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Simone Sault is a respected ballet dancer whose work over the years has been applauded by viewers and critics alike. Presently, she works as a Creative Director and Choreographer who strives to provide her audience with memorable performances each and every time. Though the dancing icon prefers to keep her personal life private, she has always been open about her affection for her son, especially when she has to be away from him due to work. Additionally, Simone is known for providing dance lessons to aspiring artists.

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