Bad Birdie Golf: Everything We Know

While most of us watch Shark Tank for entertainment purposes, don’t forget that every week the livelihoods of several people are on the line. In the process, we get to see some fascinating and innovative products that contestants have put their blood and sweat behind. One such product is Bad Birdie Golf that we got to see on Shark Tank’s episode on April 4th, 2020. In case you want more details about the business, we are here to help you. Keep reading.

Bad Birdie Golf: Who Are They?

At Bad Birdie is a golf apparel company that specializes in making stylish golf polos that are comfortable as without compromising on performance or good vibes. The company claims that “Most polos out there don’t have the sauce. They’re boring. Vanilla. Unmemorable. Safe. All of these golf brands are laying up, making the same shirts our grandpa’s wore.” That is what motivated the founders to make something that “isn’t your grandpa’s golf brand.”

And their motto: “Swing Hard, my friends. Swing Hard.” You can check out their website here.

When you see the design that the company makes, it becomes clear that they mean what they say. Their polos are funky, colorful and eye-catching. As you can see below:

And how about these:

The colors just keep coming.

What also stands about the company is that they have chosen bold styles that make their polos stand out in the crowd. Now that strategy can backfire among the people who want to keep a low profile and focus on the game. But for those who really want to make a statement, Bad Birdie seems to be the perfect match. Probably that’s why when the company’s founder, Jason Richardson, made the pitch in front of the sharks, Robert Herjavec was quick to jump on the Bad Birdie bandwagon. Clearly he has enough confidence in the company. So do we.

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