Muvez on ‘Shark Tank’: Everything We Know

ABC’s show ‘Shark Tank‘ is a hit for all its practicality and entertainment factor. The seasons continue to roll one after the other from its inception in August 2009. In what can only be best described as business entertainment to amass more business. The show has gone ahead to create lead business chains in the US market. The Panelists in the show have bagged some exciting business catches all throughout its journey.

‘Muvez’ is a shoe brand that eagerly advertises its products to feasible and yet, high-end crowd. At the moment, they work with men’s footwear that is edgy and serves a dual purpose.

‘Muvez: Who Are They?

Ryan Cruz, Kevin Zamora, and Eric Cruz are brothers who have come together to fulfill a common dream they share. The original idea for ‘Muvez’ came to Ryan Cruz when he made a dual-type shoe as part of his thesis with a replaceable sole. It served the purpose of being worn both indoors and outdoors. What started as a thesis project was the beginning of his and his brothers’ careers. The brand saw its inception when his brother Kevin Zamora founded it through its brand name ‘Muvez.’ Their business has seen all kinds of ups and downs, but they stuck with it since 2014.

Eric Cruz, who works on expanding the business venture, says in his website:

We understood that no matter the circumstance, solutions to problems exist, and we realized we had to consider both traditional and nontraditional approaches in order to succeed. “

‘Muvez’: What Do They Do?

The three brothers put their heads together and started their online business continuing to further develop their product and brand image. It is in this league of their journey that they were contacted by Shark Tank. The team is now geared to take their brand to heights. They are quite active on Instagram and Twitter to promote the sales of their product.

Shark Tank is not their first business pitch. They had to promote their brand to get investors who provided them with the required economic collateral to work on their idea. The brothers have no formal training in design. They had to work their way up from ground zero and keep themselves plowing through every road bump.

The company has a website where one can order their shoes. They share their experience regarding the dedicated amount of engineering, research, and technical expertise they pooled in. They give much credit to Lou Carrega, who was instrumental in manufacturing the unique material for their brand of slippers.

The young company is quite vocal about their appearance in ‘Shark Tank.’ They pitch this as another business strategy to promote their product further. There is almost everything ranging from ‘Shark Tank’ offers to ‘Shark Tank’ experience on its website and quite several Instagram and Twitter posts sharing the preview of their Shark Tank debut.

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