Bad Girls Club Season 3: Where is the Cast Now?

Loads of fiery drama unfolded in season 3 of ‘Bad Girls Club,’ where a group of spirited women embarked on a unique journey in Los Angeles. Premiering on December 2, 2008, on Oxygen, it marked the first season to showcase the girls enjoying a vacation. Living under one roof for four intense months, they navigated the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships. As the tension rose, so did the entertainment factor. The season was a rollercoaster of emotions, but where are these unforgettable cast members now?

Ailea Carr is an Author Today

Ailea Carr, the feisty participant from season 3, has undergone a remarkable transformation since her reality TV days. Claiming to be an author, she has ventured into the literary world with zeal. In 2019, she debuted as an author with her book ‘Emerald Isle Crimson Curse,’ a significant milestone in her burgeoning writing career. Not one to rest on her laurels, she continued to captivate readers with her second book, ‘Fatal Immortality,’ released in 2021. Ailea has become a globetrotter, documenting her adventures in various locales. Her social media showcases her love for travel, adorned with picturesque landscapes and cultural experiences. Beyond her literary pursuits, her personal life has seen notable changes.

In 2017, she made a significant move, shifting to a new house, marking a fresh chapter in her life. In August 2020, she treated herself to a new BMW, a testament to her evolving success. she is not alone on this journey; she shares her home with her loyal companion, a dog named Luna. Her social media feeds are a blend of literary musings, travel diaries, and glimpses into her everyday life, providing fans with a multifaceted view of her world. A passion for literature is not the only facet of her life that stands out; she is also immersed in the world of Korean culture. Ailea is dating a Korean guy, further enriching her experiences with diverse perspectives. As an avid reader, she frequently shares insights into her current literary endeavors, creating a community of book enthusiasts around her.

Amber Buell Now Works in Real Estate

Image Credit: Daum Commercial Real Estate Services

Amber Buell has taken a different path since her time on the show. After ‘Bad Girls Club,’ she extended her reality TV journey by appearing in ‘Love Games’ season 2. Following her television endeavors, she transitioned into the professional realm. Currently residing in Arizona, she has found her niche as a Licensed Brokerage Administrator at Daum Commercial Real Estate Services. Amber’s career trajectory reveals a diverse range of experiences. She has explored various roles, from a Sales and Customer Service Associate at Natural Partners, Inc., to a Licensed Aesthetician and Sales Associate at European Wax Center in 2012.

In 2019, she added another accomplishment to her resume, serving as the Marketing and Brokerage Administrator at Airport Property Specialists, LLC. Her appearances on television aside, Amber has maintained a relatively private personal life. However, her professional journey showcases a commendable dedication to carving out a niche in the real estate and marketing realms. Arizona remains her base, and her accomplishments highlight the versatility and adaptability she brings to her chosen career path.

Amber “Cookie” Meade is Now a Digital Creator 

Amber “Cookie” Meade made an appearance on ‘Reality Obsessed’ in 2018, showcasing her foray into the reality TV landscape. Following that, she graced the screens of ‘Red Carpet Report’ in 2009, providing glimpses of her life beyond the ‘Bad Girls Club.’ The reality bug continued to bite, and in 2010, she joined ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too,’ where Natalie Nunn sought love. Her journey wasn’t confined to the small screen, as she tied the knot with Alen Aivazian in 2019.

Amber’s family expanded with the arrival of Billy Ray in 2019 and Charlie Joe in October 2021. The Meade-Aivazian household has traversed multiple locations, from Minnesota to Arizona to Los Angeles, finally finding solace in their Maui home. In addition to her family life, she has evolved into a digital creator, sharing the joys of motherhood and family on her social media. Her transformation from reality TV star to a wife, mother, and content creator exemplifies the diverse paths taken by ‘Bad Girls Club’ alumni.

Kayla “KC” Carter is an Entrepreneur Today

Kayla “KC” Carter has ventured into entrepreneurship. She owns multiple businesses, including Timeless Skin & Beauty LLC and K Couture Skin for organic skincare and haircare. Embracing advocacy, she has served as a Guardian ad Litem Child Advocate Manager I at 15th Judicial Circuit CASA since November 2022. Her journey extends beyond business ventures; she co-hosted ‘Afterbuzz with Kristen’ and made a notable appearance on MTV’s ‘Next.’ Leaving her previous job at the California Pizza Kitchen in 2016, Kayla has now been studying BS Legal Management (Pre-Law) at Purdue University since 2023.

Sarah Michaels Has Opted For a More Private Life

Sarah Michaels, who left an imprint on season 3, continued to dabble in reality TV, gracing the screens of ‘Reality Obsessed’ and ‘Foursome’ in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Her involvement in ‘Red Carpet Report’ and ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too’ showcased her continued presence in the reality TV realm around 2010.

During this time, she resided in LA and briefly dated Nick Christensen after winning ‘Love Games,’ but the relationship concluded after six months. Since then, Sarah has opted for a more private life, maintaining a low profile and keeping details about her personal life under wraps. The quietude surrounding her journey adds an air of mystery to her current whereabouts and activities. 

Tiffany Torrence-Davis Enjoys a Happy Relationship With Dello G Mackey

Tiffany Torrence-Davis has embarked on a new journey in the entertainment industry. Venturing into acting, she has graced the screen in various productions, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Notably, she appeared in ‘King B.’s Hate… Love’ in 2021, earning acclaim for her role as Blair. Her acting credits also include ‘Jermaine,’ ‘Four Seasons,’ ‘The Coalition,’ and ‘When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things.’ Beyond her career, Tiffany enjoys a happy relationship with Dello G Mackey, with the couple sharing their love for travel through captivating “Baecation” photos. She has also formed a close bond with her partner’s daughter, adding a familial touch to her life.

Whitney Collings Passed Away in 2020

Tragically, Whitney Collings faced a tumultuous journey that ended with her untimely death in December 2020. According to TMZ, her death certificate revealed that she passed away due to acute intoxication from a lethal mix of fentanyl, cocaine, alcohol, and clonazepam. Unfortunately, her life took a dark turn when she faced legal issues. The Mirror reported that she got arrested in 2020 for resisting an officer without violence. She previously worked as a barmaid in Boston, and her educational pursuits included studying biology and physics at Salem State.

Her professional endeavors led her to companies like ELK Solutions, Inc., Computer Express, Inc., Chadco-NE, and Cloud Computing International. Despite the on-screen drama, Whitney maintained that off-screen, the women formed close friendships, debunking the notion that all their interactions were fueled by reality TV drama. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity, stating she would do the show again without regrets while talking to The Boston Herald.

Ashley Weaver Retreated From a Public Life

On a different path, Ashley Weaver delved into modeling after her reality TV stint. Embracing motherhood, Ashley welcomed her son, Mason Alexander, in December 2012. She has since retreated from her old social media accounts, leaving fans in the dark about her life post-show. While information about Ashley is scarce, one can hope that she and her son are doing well.

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