Bad Girls Club Season 4: Where is the Cast Now?

Season 4 of Jonathan Murray’s ‘Bad Girls Club’ debuted in December 2009 on Oxygen Network and thrust a fresh batch of seven fierce girls into a lavish Los Angeles mansion, where their attempts to coexist were anything but smooth. The season concluded with each girl earning her spot on the walls adorned with their most memorable quotes and a portrait. Having left the tumultuous ‘Bad Girls Club’ house, the season 4 cast has navigated a myriad of personal and professional journeys.

Amber McWha is Now a Blogger

Amber McWha AKA The Trash Talker has taken an intriguing journey since her time on the show. Mother to two children, Gabrielle and Braylon, she shared in a 2023 interview with Reality Positivity that her ex-husband’s actions led her to retreat from the public eye. The West Virginia University graduate alleged that her ex-husband trapped her by getting her pregnant. Despite the challenges, Amber remains close with fellow cast members Annie and Kendra. Now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she channels her thoughts through her blog, ThroughHerEyes, which covers philosophical and daily life topics.

Annie Andersen is a Political Journalist Today

Dubbed The Control Freak on the show, Annie extended her presence beyond the ‘Bad Girls Club’ realm. Her entertainment ventures include appearances on ‘Reality Obsessed’ and ‘KMSS Fox 33 News Ark-La-Tex.’ Her career has seen a remarkable evolution, with noteworthy moments such as her appearance on the podcast ‘Citizen Dame’ in 2017. In 2021, she underwent hip surgery after tearing a ligament during the New Hampshire primary. Her achievements continued as she graced the cover of the Kappa Delta Sorority magazine and assumed the role of President of the DC Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Delta.

Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Annie received a President’s Award and an Above and Beyond award. In the political journalism arena, she has been making waves as the Producer of Gray Television since November 2022. Her journey traverses multiple locations, from California to Louisiana, Virginia to Kentucky, and finally settling in Washington, DC. A dedicated content creator, Annie has associated with prominent media outlets like C-SPAN, Straight Arrow News, Spectrum, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Her career kick-started as a news intern for KION TV in 2012, and she later worked as an Account Executive at JACK FM in 2010.

Despite the geographical shifts, her commitment to her profession remains steadfast, and she is currently associated with the Junior League of Washington, showcasing her dedication to community service. Beyond her professional endeavors, Annie’s personal life includes a passion for fitness, such as engaging in workouts and Pilates. Her feline companion adds a touch of warmth as a cat mom. A memorable highlight is her attendance at the White House Christmas party in December 2023, where she had the opportunity to meet President Biden.

Florina “Flo” Kaja is a Tarot Card Reader Today

Florina “Flo” Kaja has embarked on a diverse journey since her time at ‘Bad Girls Club.’ Known for her traditional Albanian wedding documented in the Oxygen special ‘Bad Girls Club: Flo Gets Married,’ Flo gave birth to her first child, Elliana Kosovrasti, on July 1, 2011, with Patriot “Pat Coso” Kosovrasti. However, cracks developed in their bond, and the two separated soon. Following that, Flo delved into singing, releasing singles like “Tear It Up,” “Wanda’s Way,” and “Alpha Females.” However, in 2014, she reportedly faced legal trouble. According to the reports by TMZ, she got arrested for DWI and possession of a controlled substance.

Transitioning into a new chapter, Flo emerged as an Oracle, Psychic, and Healer. Thriving as a single woman who went from being a “Bad Girl to Good Girl,” she has embraced her spiritual side, delving into tarot card reading. In 2021, Flo appeared on the podcast series ‘Life of Mayhem’. She established herself as an entrepreneur with an online store, offering a range of items from apparel and accessories to drinkware and homeware. Her YouTube channel showcases her diverse talents, reflecting her evolution from a reality TV personality to a multifaceted spiritual entrepreneur.

Kate Squillace is Now an Engaged Woman

Kate Squillace has taken a different path post-show. She is the Owner and CEO of Fine Frog Gallery, an accessory store that she founded in 2018. In February 2024, Kate celebrated her engagement to Adam Wolf, expressing profound love and excitement for their upcoming union. The couple often shares heartwarming moments, celebrating small achievements, like their cat’s seventh birthday in 2023. Adam and Kate are madly in love, and their social media footprints are a testament to that. They are frequent travelers who document their adventures and create a snapshot of their joyous journey together.

Kendra James Has a Podcast of Her Own

Kendra James, who made her mark on ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too’ in 2010 as the runner-up, embraced motherhood after the show. Becoming a single mother to Kenley in January 2021, she is actively co-parenting with a supportive partner. On the professional front, Kendra delved into fitness and brand promotions. She has also begun hosting the ‘Ken & Krys Podcast’ with Krystal Colon. However, her journey was marked by a sad moment with the passing of her grandmother in 2023, adding depth to her life’s journey.

Natalie Nunn is an Entrepreneur Today

Natalie Nunn has continued to make waves in the reality TV landscape. Beyond her initial stint on ‘Bad Girls Club,’ she appeared in season 13, ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too,’ ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ Her journey extended to executive producing and starring in the Zeus series ‘Baddies.’ Natalie’s reality TV ventures include appearances on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ and Lifetime’s ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment.’ Currently serving as the CEO of Natalie Nunn Cosmetics and Fashion Nova, she is also the executive producer at the Zeus Network, leading the productions of ‘Baddies’ and ‘Bad Boys.’

A multi-talented individual, she is the CEO of Fit by Paynes and Journey “Hair” Payne. Her personal life has been documented through television as well. She met her now-husband, professional footballer Jacob Payne, in 2011, who proposed to her in April 2012 while they were on a vacation in Negril, Jamaica. The two tied the knot on May 5, 2012, and it was broadcast on WE TV’s ‘Bridezillas.’ Their bliss was marred by a tragedy when the couple faced a miscarriage in 2015. However, in 2017, they became proud parents to a daughter, Journey Ruth Payne. Despite rumors of a split in 2019, Natalie and Jacob have persisted, emphasizing the strength of their relationship.

Portia Beaman Stays Away From Limelight

Portia Beaman, another season 4 alum, transitioned into acting with a short role in ‘Teeth and Blood’ in 2015. In 2014, she appeared in rapper Apollo’s music video for the hit song “Lay You Down.” Diversifying her career, she became the CEO and Founder of IMME by PortiaB in 2012. Although she maintains a low profile on social media, fans can catch glimpses of Portia in her daughter’s TikTok videos, offering a unique peek into her life as a mother.

Lexie Marie Has Embraced Her Familial Duties

Lexie Marie, now known as Lexie Woltz, embraces family life now. In 2014, she welcomed her first child, a son named Carmen, with her husband, Corle Two-Da. The couple tied the knot in 2015, solidifying their commitment to each other. Their family expanded with the arrival of a daughter, Mackenzie, in 2021. Currently residing in Reno, Nevada, Lexie exemplifies the transformative journey from reality TV to a fulfilled family life.

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