Bad Girls Club Season 8: Where is the Cast Now?

Season 8 of ‘Bad Girls Club,’ titled ‘Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas,’ brought the drama to the vibrant city of Las Vegas in 2012 on Oxygen Network. Since their time on the show, the cast members have taken diverse paths in their personal and professional lives. The neon lights of Las Vegas witnessed intense conflicts, but where are some of these memorable cast members now? From friendships to rivalries, the journey of the show alumni continues to unfold, revealing how their experiences in the notorious house have influenced their subsequent endeavors.

Amy Cieslowski is a Flight Attendant Today

Amy Cieslowski, an Opacarophile (lover of sunsets) and proud dog mom, has transitioned from her ‘Bad Girls Club’ days to become a flight attendant. In March 2023, she also added a new chapter to her life by getting a tattoo. Amy’s profession allows her to travel extensively, and she shares her adventures through captivating pictures on social media.

Danielle “Danni” Victor and Gabrielle “Gabi” Victor are Now Influencers

After their stint on the ‘Bad Girls Club,’ Danielle “Danni” Victor and Gabrielle “Gabi” Victor, famously known as the Victor twins, have taken divergent paths in their post-reality TV careers. The dynamic duo has transitioned into hosting their podcast, the ‘Always Has Issues Podcast,’ where they delve into various topics, offering their unique perspectives. In the digital realm, both twins have embraced their roles as digital creators, engaging with their audience across platforms. Danni has embarked on a poetic journey, showcasing her literary side under the name Danielle Victor Poetry. She has ventured into the realm of poetry ebooks, including titles like ‘111 Days of a Healing Heart’ and ‘Dear John.’ She also appeared on ‘Love Games’ season 4 and ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle.’

Alongside her creative pursuits, she is a proud dog mom to Caesar The Frenchie, sharing glimpses of their life. Gabi’s life took a different turn as she became a mother to her son, Marcellus. Despite facing challenges in her relationship with Marcellus’ father, Victor Tarrats, she demonstrated resilience throughout the ups and downs. In 2017, she appeared on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ with Tarrats, revealing the complexities of their relationship and the challenges they faced. According to her, when Tarrats found out she was pregnant, he told her that he was in love with someone else and she needed to get an abortion. But Gabi chose to embrace motherhood.

Expanding their ventures, Gabi has dived into self-help with the creation of an ebook titled ‘Self Love Will Solve All Your Problems.’ Additionally, she offers private coaching sessions, aiming to guide others through their journeys. The twins’ influence extends beyond the podcast realm, with Gabi even making a guest appearance as a judge on the television series ‘Top Chef: Boston’ in 2015. Despite the twists and turns in their respective lives, the Victor twins continue to captivate audiences with their multifaceted careers, proving that their journey after ‘Bad Girls Club’ is as intriguing as their time on the reality show.

Demitra “Mimi” Roche Passed Away in 2020

Demitra “Mimi” Roche, a vibrant personality known for her appearance on ‘Bad Girls Club,’ passed away at the age of 34, in 2022. As the Vice President of A&R at Valholla Entertainment, she contributed significantly to the music industry. Mimi’s heartfelt message on her 2017 birthday conveyed her newfound appreciation for life and commitment to personal growth. Her journey reflects a transformation from a challenging past, where she battled self-hate, to a place of self-love and gratitude.

Erica “Venetia” Figueroa Has Established a Clothing Line

Erica “Venetia” Figueroa, a multifaceted individual, not only showcased her talents on ‘Bad Girls Club’ but also demonstrated her skills as a rapper and clothing designer. She released a hip-hop track titled “Turn It Up” and has also established the fashion line Bella Bad Beauties. She underwent double jaw surgery for medical reasons, addressing breathing and chewing difficulties related to TMJ problems. While her relationship status with Chris was known until 2022, details about their current status remain unclear. However, Erica has embraced motherhood as she welcomed a daughter into her life. She prefers to maintain a level of privacy around her personal affairs now.

Gia Sapp-Hernandez Goes by the Name Gia Bianca Today

Gia Sapp-Hernandez, now known as Gia Bianca, faced legal troubles in 2015. TMZ reported that she got arrested for assault in an altercation where she claimed self-defense. Despite the challenges, Gia has evolved into a travel blogger now, sharing her adventures across various cities and countries. Associated with Baddie Shadez Swim, a swimwear and sunglasses line, she delved into the fashion world. Gia’s exploration has extended to organic cosmetics, showcasing her versatility. While her past includes arrests, her present revolves around travel and entrepreneurship, marking a shift in focus from tumultuous incidents to creative endeavors.

Elease Donovan is Now a Real Estate Advisor

Elease Donovan, the founder of Elease Donovan Swimwear since 2012, has ventured into real estate. She now serves as a Real Estate Advisor and Luxury Home Specialist with KT Luxury Group. Reportedly, she got engaged in 2016 but her current relationship status remains unclear. However, her professional journey showcases versatility, moving from swimwear entrepreneurship to luxury real estate in South Florida.

Christine Moon is an Artist Today

Christine Moon’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Residing in Los Angeles, she has become a Vision Facilitator, embracing artistry as an artist. She sells her art on Shopify, showcasing her creativity beyond the canvas. In a loving relationship with Gabriel, they share moments of travel, red carpets, and a life enriched by their bond. Moon has also explored acting, making an appearance in the TV series ‘The Resident’ in 2022, revealing her multifaceted talents. From art to acting, her journey reflects a pursuit of passion and personal growth.

Camilla Poindexter Has Made Her Mark in the Entertainment Industry

Camilla Poindexter, recognized for her notable roles in reality television, began by achieving the runner-up position in season 4 of ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.’ Additionally, she showcased her modeling prowess as a contestant on ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ making it to the Top 20. In 2018, she found herself at the center of controversy when she accused Alexis Skyy of neglecting her newborn, leading to a publicized dispute. Camilla’s journey continued as she pursued higher education, graduating from Fremont College in August 2020 with a degree in massage and sports rehabilitation. Beyond her reality TV stints, she participated in the NBC series ‘Momma’s Boys,’ concluding her journey during the series finale.

In subsequent years, she expanded her portfolio with appearances in projects like ‘Blame It On the Streets’ and ‘I Hear the Sirens’ in 2022. Her presence in the ‘Bad Girls Club’ franchise extended to multiple seasons, including ‘Bad Girls Club: Redemption,’ ‘Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters,’ and ‘Baddies East.’ Amid her varied career pursuits, Camilla finds stability and support in her husband, Anthony Hayward. Together, they have become parents to three children – Dylan N. Penn, born in 2016; Bella Amor, welcomed in 2021, and the newest addition, a baby boy born in 2023. Balancing her roles as a mother, reality TV personality, and professional, she continues to navigate the multifaceted aspects of her life with resilience and determination.

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