Bad Girls Club Season 10: Where is the Cast Now?

Season 10 of Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girls Club,’ premiered in 2013 and was called, ‘Bad Girls Club: Atlanta.’ The notorious television reality series follows a house with seven rough, no-nonsense bad girls as they attempt to live together with set rules in place. Returning to the US after the previous series was shot in Mexico, this one promises to be bolder and more explicit. The season also saw three replacement girls brought in after two originals voluntarily quit and one was asked to leave. As considerable time has passed since the series wrapped up, loyal fans are intrigued to know about the current whereabouts of their favorite castmates.

Alicia Saaman is Now a Successful and Inspiring Health Coach

Bolingbrook, Illinois’s Alicia Saaman, is one of the original bad girls of the series. She was solid and fearless and never hesitated to stand up for herself. She got into a few nasty fights throughout the season and eventually got booted in the finale after an ugly physical spat with Rocky. What she thought was meant to be a dream come true, entry into the world of entertainment, ended up becoming a curse for her. Alicia got harassed and bullied and struggled with mental health issues that led her to spiral beyond control.

Just as life looked beyond repairable, Alicia decided to turn around and take charge. After gaining close to 60 pounds, she started a fitness journey through ‘Alicia Samaan Fitness’ to lose excess weight and regain her lost confidence. This was just her foray into altering her life for good. After losing over 50 pounds, she appeared in the second season of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle’ to share her remarkable transformation. As Alicia started making positive transformations, she relocated to Los Angeles and became a talk show host.

Sometime later, she returned to Chicago and gave her career a new look by taking up work behind the scenes as a casting assistant. Having operated as a casting director for several networks and projects, Alicia is now preparing to host her new podcast and YouTube show, ‘The Alicia Samaan Show: Life After Reality TV.’ She continues to expand her wellness and lifestyle empire and is determined to share her story and help others to share theirs through her fitness initiative, ‘Live Your Dreams.’ In October 2023, she gleefully shared the news of landing her first acting job on ‘Power Book IV: Force,’ which aired on Starz Network.

Janae Bradford Has Been Maintaining a Low Profile

Janae Bradford, The Houston Hellraiser from Houston, Texas, was one of the originals who voluntarily exited the show after getting into a fight with Alicia & Valentina. After her time on the series wrapped up, Janae went low-key. She welcomed her son, Alexander Jordan, on June 23, 2014. Her and Aaron Joseph’s daughter, Aubrey Ann Joseph, was born on April 28, 2019. While her social media suggests she is currently working in real estate and is engaged, Janae has kept her life and everything related to it private and away from the limelight.

Nicole Vargas Prefers Staying Away From the Limelight

Fort Lee, New Jersey’s Nicole Vargas was an original bad girl. She was one of the fan favorites for being unapologetically herself and didn’t mind leaving the house in the fourth episode after getting into multiple fights with Valentina. In April 2018, she was arrested in Cape Canaveral, Florida, for allegedly performing sexual activities with her boyfriend, Colton Voegele, in a residential parking lot. Since then, Nicole has gone a little off the grid a little. While it is known that she resides in Tampa, Florida, Nicole prefers to stay away from the limelight.

Paula Hellens is Now a Flourishing Entrepreneur

Paula Hellens AKA Hell On Heels, from Chicago, Illinois, was a gusty Southern bombshell working as a hairstylist before joining the show. Unable to control her words and temper, Paula didn’t mind using her Political Science degree to her advantage and was determined to win the hundred-thousand-dollar prize money to pay off her student loans. After lasting till the end, Paula went on to appear in seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ but couldn’t stick around long enough.

However, her hair fetish eventually led Paula to start CT Luxury Hair Extensions & Salon. Currently based in Stamford, Connecticut, the gorgeous diva is a beautypreneur coach who provides insights into all things related to hair and business in Bombshell Academy, which she proudly runs. Paula also has a beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel, ‘The Hell On Heels,’ but it’s been a while since she’s uploaded any content there.

Shannon Sarich is Now the Owner of a Family-Run Restaurant

Hillsboro, Oregon’s Shannon Sarich was confidence personified. A master manipulator, she had a fondness for some of the finer things in life, and with a get-done attitude, she didn’t find the need to mince words when trying to get a situation her way. Shannon lasted till the end  and then participated in the first season of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle.’ However, she chose to quit in the first episode. The gorgeous television personality has kept in touch with television and is now a part of WeTv’s ‘Bridezillas.’ A mother of two goofy boys, Grant and Patrick, Shannon is also the proud owner of a family-run restaurant, opened in 2021, called Cajun Corner Alaska, in Anchorage, Alaska. In February 2024, she shared updates on a breast surgery she had done.

Stephanie George is Now Actively Working as a Culinary Healer

Stephanie George, from Harlem, New York, was one of the most unproblematic castmates on the show. She rarely got into fights and always stood her ground, no matter the conversation. The talented Afrolatina now wears multiple hats all at once. She works as a creative director, actress, and comedy writer and is a lifelong childhood hunger activist. Stephanie also has a YouTube channel dedicated to her cooking, and she hopes to teach people the art of using cooking to help manage anxiety and depression.

However, it’s been quite some time since she’s made the page active. She was previously married to Donnell Rawlings, the well-known comedian on the ‘Donnell Rawlings Show.’ The couple has a son named Austen together. The millennial mother and comedian co-parent their child and share an amazing relationship. Stephanie also fosters dogs and actively advocates the need to adopt foster animals. Her laidback personality and the desire to constantly do good while trying to balance her career and parenthood make her an inspiration to all her fans.

Valentina Anyanwu Has Been Working as a Content Creator

Hyattsville, Maryland’s Valentina Anyanwu AKA The Sexy Socialite, was exactly what her nickname suggested. Bold, beautiful, and outrageously fierce, Valentina knew how to get her way. She found herself in multiple fights throughout the series but still managed to stay till the end. The Nigerian diva, whose full name is Nwadiuto Esuru Anyanwu, harbored dreams of becoming the next Naomi Campbell and wanted to pursue acting and writing on television.

In keeping up with her dreams, she started a YouTube channel, ‘Val’s Diary,’ where she spoke all about relationships, anxiety, and personal expectations. Thereafter, she submitted a cinematic poetry short film in the visual arts department at the University of Maryland and graduated with Magna cum Laude Honours. Valentina is also a mental health advocate who believes herself a “Tech and Style Maven.” She is extremely close to her brother and mother and considers them her biggest strengths in life. In 2018, she returned to Nigeria for some time and has now returned to the US to give wings to her passion, both behind the camera and in front of it.

Jenniffer Hardwick Has Been Practicing the Art of Self Love

Jenniffer ‘Jenn’ Hardwick AKA The Fun-Loving Firecracker from San Bernardino, California, was the replacement girl who joined in place of Janae. She entered in episode 4 and was subsequently asked to leave in episode 8 after physically attacking castmate Rocky. However, not to lose confidence, Jenn went on to appear in the first season of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ and ended up winning a $100,000 cash prize and the title of ‘Baddest Bad Girl.’ Jenn now uses her social media as a picture journal to document her journey toward self-healing through her business, ‘Inspired.’ She’s a proud girl mother to Emery, and the duo keep doing fun and goofy activities together. A fitness enthusiast, Jenn keeps herself busy doing the things she loves with the people she adores in life.

Raquel Santiago is Now a Proud Mother to a Young Girl

Raquel ‘Rocky’ Santiago, a replacement girl from Pine Grove, California, was likable at heart but refused to be considered weak. Her definition of a quintessential bad girl wasn’t merely about being loud and rich but about having a firm state of mind. She followed up her appearance on ‘Bad Girls Club: Atlanta,’ with several other appearances in the ‘BGC’ franchise. While in season 1 of ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ she quit voluntarily after a fight and the subsequent passing of her father. She returned in the second season as a strong contender and lasted till the finals.

She finally appeared in season 13 of ‘BGC,’ and was one of the finalists. The mother of daughter Noa Rose, born in 2018, now uses her life experiences to work as a content creator and influencer marketer. She operates on different social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. Rocky is also a content writer and runs her own blog and the podcast, ‘Baddy Lyfe w/Raquel Santiago.’ She has kept in touch with fellow castmate Shannon Sarich, and they are still close friends.

Nancy Denise is Now Focussing on Her Growth

Nancy Denise was the last of the replacement girls to walk in after her fellow replacement girl, Jenniffer, left. While she made it to the end of the show, Nancy decided to appear in ‘Bad Girls All-Star Battle,’ season 2 as well. She was one of the funniest and lighthearted contestants in the series. Despite getting into fights now and then, Nancy managed to leave a mark in the hearts of fans. She currently resides in Miami and has been focusing on self-growth. Nancy is very close to her mother and sister, as is evident from the limited posts on her social media. However, a fan page of hers in 2022 shared the sad news about her mother’s passing. Even though she isn’t very active, Nancy seems to be doing quite well.

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